Lions, Bombers Injury Reports: Harris sits out on Tues.

TORONTO — The BC Lions and Winnipeg Blue Bombers have submitted their injury reports ahead of their contest on Saturday at IG Field.

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Well have a look at that Stamp fans, Andrew pulled a DNP today. I guess the Bombers are trying to pull a fast one on the Lion Coaching Staff so they think Harris won’t play this weekend. Sounds a little dishonest?

At least Michael was not limited today and that is great to see as a fan because having limited practice for the last three games hasn’t work so well. Even if the club was honest about it. It’s always best for the team if they practice together and just get on the same page.

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No, actually it sounds like he's getting an MRI when the swelling goes down and then they'll 6-game him if he needs surgery. Seeing how he went down and how much genuine pain that he was in, I would be shocked if he suits up on Friday.

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Several player throughout the entire year, on every team has had players DNP on their first practice.

Many are just resting, or have a nagging injury.

In this case it's very conceivable that Andrew is seriously injured, he's been injured all year and has played most of the year with a leg brace.

If Andrew is upgraded to limited next practice, that may be the misdirection.

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