Lions, Bombers battle for first in West to open Week 9

WINNIPEG — It’s a matchup of the best in the West Division to kick off Week 9 as the Winnipeg Blue Bombers play host to the BC Lions at IG Field on Thursday night.

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I’m getting hyped up for this big game. Just hoping it’s a fight till the end… and lots of games still to come, so not the end of the world for the team that doesn’t come out on top tonight. Roar You Lions Roar


Looking forward to this one…

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This is Dane Evans big chance to prove last season was just an unfortunate blip in his career.

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This should be a good one. Bombers will come out fighting. On the other hand, Lions might come out limping. I have seen it before. Good news is Evans at QB. Will be interesting to see if the O line can sustain protection for him. Hurts me to predict but it’s got to be Bombers for the win. Roar Lions Roar. I’m crossing my fingers.

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As Totally Expected, Winnipeg Blow Out.
BC is NOT the 2nd Best team in the CFL.