Lions, Bombers and Pierce....Oh My

It is going to be interesting when we see the Lions meet the Bombers for the first time on October 2. Will Buck still be healthy or will he have sustained another concussion or shoulder injury before then? What will make this game so interesting is that the very thing we were all praying for was that Bucky would be able to pick himself up off the turf after being sacked. While playing with the Lions, the Lions were doing their best to protect him. This time things are going to be different. Instead of protecting him they will be "looking" for him- and not to say hello. You gotta love Buck Pierce for the classy guy he is. I'm sure he'll understand and won't take things personally.

yeah ! this is the game I'm looking forward to it's on Sat Oct 02 Winnipeg at BC 07:00 PM

I just hope that if one of our guys to nail him good, that doesn't knock him out. 2 reasons why:
1 - I like Buck and don't want to see him get injured again
2 - That would be pretty distracting to the guy who hit him as they most likely have been teammates for years

If Buck is healthy and starts that game, the Lions defense better not blink - especially pass coverage. Buck knows the system; he'll be dangerous.

yeah, but, the defense also knows Buck

Buck is going to be the one that is going to light up the Bombers. I personally look forward to seeing him play against the lions Oct 2nd. I think he is going to show he still has it.

I agree!

No doubt Buck Pierce still has it! But with his style of play [and he admits it isn't going to change] it will take just one thump of his head on the ground and it's lights out again. Or it will take another wrenched shoulder after a successful 15 yard romp. Buck's talent was never a question mark in my mind but the consequences of getting sacked remains a huge issue. Regardless, it is going to be a very entertaining game if he is able to play.