Lions blew the game!

As one who was not pulling for either team, I feel I can comment objectively. The BC Lions had entry to the Grey Cup game given to them many times by the Stamps but blew it by not being able to put the ball into the end zone. Kudos to Calgary's defence who won the game. The goal-line stance on the one yard line afte the BC interception was brilliant , maybe the best ever!! Man, both teams' quarterbacks played lousy. The one offensive star was on the losing team ( little running back for B.C.) Some of Wally's decisions have to be questioned. The defence for the Stamps should be given a parade in Calgary prior to leaving for the Grey Cup. Gosh, some of the Lions posters with lots of swagger (swervin , debbie lynn etc. ) must be really questioning their team tonight. I can only sympathize for you and tell you going to and watching your team win the Grey Cup is very special indeed. Keep your heads up and wait till next year.
Should be a dandy Grey Cup with the Als and Stamps.
CFL Rules!!!!!!!!!!

jee, ya think? :lol:

As far as best ever goal line stand, I dont have knowledge of all of them but one that definitely ranks higher is the 2006 grey cup game where BC, namely Javi and Carl said no. Considering what was at stake (not a trip to the cup final, but the actual cup) I would call that stand better.

Calgary D played well for sure but Buck was off with a number of passes that didnt help either. There were a few factors that won the game for Calgary and neither offense had much to do with it. I would say the BC D played just as well to limit one of the better offenses in the league and turning the years yard leaders for rushing and receiving into average. We had good yards from our best but the finish was lacking and our O was disoriented at times for some reason coupled with some solid calgary D. One of Labinjo's sacks was a free one for example. He came thru the line and no one even looked at him let alone attempted to block him on one sack, heck, I could have made that one hehe.

How about just saying that the Stamps are a better team , They beat the Lions every game this year.

Well I guess you can look at it a number of ways....

Both teams left the game out there for the taking at a number of different points...but neither one seemed interest in taking control until Calgary started to click.

It was a weird game - start to finish. But Calgary was the better team in the end (and all year).

the lions didn't blow the game. calgary's defence stepped when it was needed. BC out played calgary all game long and the stats prove it. but as they say stats are for losers. the rambo td gave them momentum into half, and the goal line stand killed the bc offence. henry burris did just enough and made the few plays when the team needed it. calgary was outplayed but manage to pull through in the end. at no point did bc blow that game.

The Stamps red zone D emposed their will on the lions.


Well you can't have it both ways; either BC blew it or Calgary's defence won it fair and square. I'd lean toward the latter.

I think the proper term is "Calgary's defence bent but didn't break." Kudos to Calgary they scored Touchdowns and we didn't. Only questionable call was from Wally? Why put Jarious Jackson in (to fumble the ball) when Pierce got you all the way down there inside the 20 yard line?

Yup Calgary definately deserves to go, they beat us during the regular season and the playoffs.

Good luck Calgary win it for the West.

I agree over the JJ thing Sporty...still scratching our heads over that one.

Second western final in a row that Wally has mismanaged his QB’S, I think the shine on Wally is starting to Tarnish. I think this was his last year and will be in Winnipeg next year or Edmonton.

Wally is a good coach...when he came to the Lions, their record was...terrible. And he has brought hope.Coach Chap..well, that is another topic...
Let's face it..the better team won. The Stamps beat the Leos 4 straight...a hard feat in itself. They managed to get in the end zone twice! The defense did an outstanding job, and the rookie o line, with 2 oldies didn't do to bad either. Perhaps the goose was cooked when they had 11 allstars named..and they forgot that they finished 3rd in the West, rather than 1st. Therefore, had it in the bag.
Good luck in Montreal, and bring back the Cup to the West where it belongs... :rockin:

probably not.

I would have to question how they were allstars to be honest. They sure did not show up not once , not twice, not three times but four. They had their chances through out the eseason and frankly failed all four times. Seems to me the Lions are not good enough to compete. The Lions did not blow the game they just could not win no matter what they tried. Remember they did not blow all for games the other team has something to say about that. By the way third place suits them just fine.

With 1,418 yards and 10 TDs, Simon doesn't deserve to be an All Star? What about Wake and his league-leading 23 sacks? 05, I think you need to stop posting for the rest of the week... you're looking pretty foolish.

Chief: The Lions placed 11 players on the Western All Star team. Of the 11, there are very deserving nominees. Geroy Simon, Cam Wake, Aaron Hunt, Brent Johnson, Paul McCallum, and possibly Baron Miles. But Javie Glatt, Dante Marsh, Korey Banks, Rob Murphy and Jason Jiminez, did not belong there. If memory serves me..Sask got 2, Stamps 5, Esks: 2 or 3. Funny, I would have put Stephan Logan there, instead of those previously mentioned....Their season play did not warrant this number.