Lions big losers this week!


THe B.C. Pussycats embarrassed themselves, Geroy Simon, and the league with their pathetic effort on Geroy's homecoming game. To play so poorly in front of fans who wanted to celebrate Geroy's accompishments demonstrates how much of a mess the Lions are. They are headed to last place in the west in a year they are hosting the Grey Cup. My fear is that there will be so little interest on the wet coast by the time the Grey Cup rolls around that the game will have to be transferred back to Regina where it belongs. Wally should be sent to the museum in Victoria and Kevin Glenn sadly is a shawdow of his former self. Terrible effort that only hurts the CFL. The Lions fans deserve better than this. Certainly poor Geroy does and was clearly embarassed by the product on the field.
Sad times in lotus land. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Riders Rule

The only loser is you and this trolling post.

Yes they ate big losers. On Bobby Ackles night they had a disappointing crowd of only 37000. Hosting the Grey Cup and Geroy night and they only get 25000.? Brayly must go NOW!

Not sure what it has to do with Braley the lions have always drawn around 20-30k per game before Braley owned the team . People in Vancouver don't care plain and simple.

How can you say "people in Vancouver don't care plain and simple?" Isn't their attendance right around the median average for the CFL? Or are they being judged by attendance relative to the size of their stadium?

And "BC Lions" games are consistently among the top TV draws on TSN this year (while I don't know the local TV ratings, there has to be some correlation between local viewership and the overall number).

As for the author and his tiresome Lions trolling, if I recall the Lions beating the Riders quite handily at Mosaic only a few weeks ago? Or were you too drunk in a bar to notice?

How can I say that. Well Lions have been one of the better teams in the last few years have won A Grey Cup newly renovated stadium that resides in one of the most densely populated areas in North America that also gets fed from the sky train and Sea bus, how can they not draw 40k per game. Reason why is a apathetic and spoiled fan base large Asian population that doesn't like football and the younger crowd that would rather go to the bars and watch it on Tv then actually go to the stadium.