Lions best, but...

The Lions are the best in the CFL, no question...but they are only perfect because the rest of the league has, so far, been so hopelessly mediocre. The west was supposed to be great this season, but it has been anything but. The Eskimos are pretty good, but have been awful against quality opponents, Calgary is improving, but are a long way from being there, Saskatchewan is nowhere near the team that went to overtime in the west final last year, and Winnipeg is just awful. The east is pretty much the same with only one team, Toronto, with a winning record. So the Lions are deservedly the best, but truthfully they are the best of a bad lot.

I question that the Lions are the best in the league. Records can be decieving. No body says that Hamilton is a push over or they suck, but their 2-8 record says that they are. I would not really want to face them late in the season.
I do agree with your perspective of the East. TO is the best of a bad lot, but what BC "might" find out this weekend is that Ottawa is a different team at home then they are on the road, and remember how close the game was in the Dome. I think that Ottawa only has one loss at home this season, to the ESKS, but only one win on the road. Montreal is on a down ward slide that might see them place third in the East this year. HAmilton just might make some noise in the Playoffs yet. I think that they are to far behind in the East, but they are only 5 points out of a cross over (you have to have more points to cross over, there is no tie breaker) and I believe they play Calgary and Saskatchewan yet. It would be miracle if they did it, but it is not out of the question because of the bottom three teams in the West.
First place in the West will com down the Sept 24 game. BC losses then Edmonton has a real shot at it, if BC wins then it is over and BC maybe losses 3 games all year. If I am a lions fan though I am not sure that I want it over that quick though. Teams have not faired well in the playoffs when they win the division so Quickly and have nothing to play for, for so long. Look at Montreal the last few years and Calgary under Wally in the 90's if you don't believe me. They all clinched the division by Thanksgiving and could not turn it on again come playoff time . The winner of the west should win the cup. SO make sure your dressing room is nice and clean for us come Cup time.

The Lions are the best in the CFL, no question...but they are only perfect because the rest of the league has, so far, been so hopelessly mediocre.
Agree with you totally. Edmonton's not as strong and lacks a running game, Saskatchewan is not the same team without Burris, and Winnipeg hasn/t had the quarterbacking. In the east Montreal has not recovered yet from off-season player losses, Hamilton has been dismal but are starting to get going as McManus gets back into a rythm, Ottawa has improved but doesn't have the talent, and Toronto's defence and special teams have not been able to single handedly win games for them. Calgary is rebuilding and may be the most dangerous by season's end unless Edmonton gets a running game.

The Leos played against much better calibre teams last year to get to the Grey Cup. This year, even though they are undefeated at 9-0 I’m not going to get confident in them going all the way until they can turn their offence into the dynamic offence of last year. They have the talent but an inconsistent and sometimes predictable offence still is worrying.

Hope the Leos made some changes to their offence in the break to better protect the quarterback, including moving the pocket around, more hot reads, screens and dumps, and learning to throw the ball deep earlier. New blocking schemes on certain plays, some new wrinkles, and better offensive line communication are also keys to improvement.

The Leos have a championship defence at this point, and special teams, outside of field goal kicking have also been outstanding. A more explosive offence and we’re going to be tough to beat. However, with NFL cuts looming we can expect some improvement from most of the teams in the league.

Once the Lions learn to play a full 60 minutes, instead of the 35-40 minutes they have been playing, they will have the consistency. The Sask game was an abortion by both teams. Neither offense could do anything, and the BC defense was just that little bit the last 15 minutes of the game.

Bubba your nuts. The Lions have there best team I've ever seen , (1958- )
No other team is going to beat our Defence. Our Offence is the best there is. The Lions will be the Grey cup champs this year.

I think they played 55 minutes tonight…The second and third stringers gave up a couple of late ones…Oh what the heck…They played a good 60 minutes…

I'll give 'em 57 minutes. Ottawa should not have gotten those last two TD's

You being in Vancouver are obviously not used to seeing qualilty football. Edmonton went 16-2 in 1989, the most wins in CFL history. Calgary has won 10 in a row as well in 93. The one thing that both of those teams had in common was that they lost in the western final. Any one who is a CFL fan knows who won in 89, and 93 the ESKS won in Calgary. So just keep winning, history shows that it means nothing come playoff time.

LAst nights game by the way was a combination of Ottawa playing like a really bad high school team (Ittawa has not played that bad since opening night) and BC having a very good game. (I give credit were it is due). BC though better start protecting Dickenson better, he might say that he was not playing any more becuase he was stiff from all of the running, but I have bad shoulders and I could see that he was in pain. They were looking under the pads everytime he went to the bench. The fact that he was up by 20 points did hurt either.

Budha, You must have been listening to the post game show. Thats what the announcers said...better lose a few because of the history!

I remember your Eskies doing 5 in a row. Thats a number that will be difficult to beat. I also rememeber Miami going 16-0 only to lose in the playoffs.

Would I like us to be 18-0 + 2-0 in playoffs??? Absolutely.

Will it happen...Nope. Even though I'm making a road trip to your turf at the end of the month to cheer on the Lions, I realistically think your Eskies will be the ones to hand them their first loss.

I said something earler about what happens when teams dominate and are free and clear by October, they have a very poor record in the playoffs. In the CFL you only have to get hot at the end of the year and you can win the cup, look at Calagry in 2000. In a one game playoff anything can and often does happen. It is hard to turn the intensity back on after you have let it go for so long.
As for a couple of record that were mentioned, the 5 in a row I don’t think will ever be touched, I know for ever is a long time, to much parody. The only consistant thing in the CFL is the Esks making the playoff, 34 years and counting. SInce 82 only one team has even won two in a row.

I though that the only the 72 dolphins went throught the regular season undefeated, and through the playoffs hense 17-0. I did not think that any other team has gone through the regular season 16-0, there have been a few 15-1 and 14-2 teams though.

You are right about BC going 18-0, and just because I am an ESKS fan. There has been only one team in CFL history that has gone undefeated and that happened in 48, CAlagary 12-0. 18-0 not going to happen.