Lions believe Canadian QB Nathan Rourke has ‘a future’ and could be in the CFL ‘for a long time’


He's going to be a good one


Nothing like thrown into the line of fire but he seemed to adjust well later in the game and has some solid skills .

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My fear is he can flame out if he doesn't get the protection needed.

Because he's a Canadian QB, he's under more pressure and scrutiny to perform.

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Rourke is mobile enough to evade the rush. Don't forget the New York Giants asked him to a tryout as a wide receiver


That part I was not aware of.


Nate Rourke is the next Brando Bridge.

Rourke doesn't quit like Bridge did. And Rourke has a better throwing motion than Bridge ever did

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We're all cheering for him. Hope the club gives him two season's to develop. Almost nobody ever can walk in and be a starter in less time than that.

In Bridge's defense, he himself may have realized he's not as good as he thought he was.

Time for a career change.

His bio says he easily won the starting job when he transferred to Ohio. Seems like a guy who likes to establish himself early.

That's not much of a defense if you are going to use that. Bridge had enough QB skill to succeed in the CFL. He was the final cuts out of the Dallas Cowboys' training camp a few years ago.

Bridge quit. He didn't want to go through the process of winning over any CFL coaches. Vernon Adams didn't give up with the Manziel roadblock, told to switch to receiver, Adams has gone on to having a successful CFL career

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Well it was his choice to do so. Who are we to judge.

Why compare him to other Cdn QBs? we don't do that with US QBs.
The fact that two Canadian QBs are backups right now proves that Canadian QBs can make it in the league without the help of a ratio.
These guys have earned the roster spot. They made it the hard way, attend a US high school and then scholarship to the NCAA. In the NCAA they faced defenses with future NFL players that are bigger, faster and better coached than anything they would face in the CIS.

They could be starters but they have to be patient, time will tell.

Bridge would've been a back up QB at the least. He just gave up. Won't be the lead, just an after thought now.

There is no comparison to other US QBs because there are so many of them.

Over 5 seasons Bridge failed to earn a firm position with Montreal, Saskatchewan or BC ... he was a Matt Schiltz quality backup IMO ... and as an Als fan I can say that is hardly comforting ... Bridge gave it a shot, realized he would not ever be a team's choice, and made a logical life choice.

The American CFL coaches never gave him a chance even when he won a game for the Riders. There is a bias against Canadian QBs. See O' Connor in Calgary.

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I disagree, he was given a lot of chances, an American QB would've been let go much sooner. He has played for Canadian coaches too.

The American coaches never gave Bridge a chance as a back up, let alone as a starter.

If you get pulled over in a Ride program in Toronto, be sure to tell that

But an American QB wouldn't have lasted in the CFL as long.