Lions Beat CATS.."WHAT NOW????? THREAD"

I hope and pray this thread will be completely
But if the Cats lose I what to be the first to
ask this Question.
Why? because: 1. The lose will be the LAST STRAW.
We will literlly be out of the
2. The coaching staff will be making
more excuses for the lose.
3. The players will be telling us
that the team is lose to jelling
4. Obie will be keeping a low profile
as usually.
So I will be interested in what the fans will be
ready to do in this case.
This could be a lucky thread because all my
predictions have been wrong.
I predicted that we would win the last two games
and we didn't. so if my predictions are
consistant we have nothing to worry.

So ""LET THE GAMES BEGIN""!!!!!!!!!!!!


This team is incompetent from the very top on down...
4 straight seasons of losing abysmally prove this...

DANNY FOR HEAD COACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's keeping the secret weapon REALLY SECRET! :wink:

Mr. Morgantown = 5-23.

Oski Wee Wee,

WHAT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's see, $300 less 25%.....

I think the fans are starting to react!

15 to 16 thousand at game----GOOD!!!!

In today's game I thought that, other than Bauman, your receivers were horrible. Printers is a good QB, he can throw, run and scramble. He has already proved that when he was with BC. The Ti Cats have one guy on the team who can go long, and catch the ball but, he is under utilized- Pat Woodcock. Om several times , on the rare occasion when he was on the field, he demonstrated he could go long and catch the ball. Why is he used so little?