Lions beat Als to open OK Tire Labour Day Weekend

MONTREAL — Vernon Adams Jr. threw a trio of scores against his former team as the BC Lions took down the Montreal Alouettes 34-25 to open up OK Tire Labour Day Weekend on Saturday.

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I thought the late roughing the passer call was pretty weak. I hate having to win that way. It was a first down play, though, so maybe they could have converted on second and long.

Nice that Lions is in the plus on the giveaway/takeaway tonight.

Not enough running plays. The defence was giving up too many first downs on second and long. Maybe they should give Whitehead more touches by putting him in for punt returns. 87 doesn’t ever seem like a threat (with apologies to Williams).

But a win is a win, and I’m always happy when Cottoy gets some balls thrown his way.


I have to agree with you about the weak call on Sewell. VA was going down as was Sewell on the tackle. This one is definitely on the “Command Centre”. Also, if this iscalled roughing the passer then the tackle that brought Antwi down on his run off the direct snap should have been called a horse collar tackle because the defender definitely had one hand grabbing the neck of the shoulder pad. If one is a penalty, so is the other! However, the better team won the game.

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There will always be calls or no calls that each person feels was a big game changing call. Mine was when Cody fumbled and Lions recovered but he was ruled down… can’t believe we didn’t even challenge that no brainer. Over all happy Lions are back in the win column after a exciting first game of the Labour Day Classics.


Good Point!

Fact is it meets the definition by rule.

The other fact is that they need to change the rule. Two changes would make it better and end weak calls like this.

First is - like Rugby, if you do not meet the QB with your arms in front of you ready to wrap up and tackle -it’s RTP

Second is that in the case where there is helmet to helmet contact, we need to add video review (using the stadium display) and involving both the ref and command centre and taking mitigation into consideration.

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As a Tiger Cat fan, I thought this was a good game and both teams could have won it. All in all, a good start to the Labour Day weekend.


Well it seems Montreal are closer to Saskatchewan, Hamilton and the rest than the are from the top dogs.

This game and the game from the previous week would have been a statement of were mtl stand.

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I thought it was more abut a few critical mistakes for the Als. Despite there being only 60 yards in penalties, they all seemed to happen at inopportune times where they extended drives.
The 4th quarter penalties were the killers. Sewells was technically a penalty, and at an inopportune moment. Beverette’s was selfish, stupid, after the play, and totally inexcusable.

This is two weeks in a row where “Command Center” has blatantly fumbled the call. Last week it was a “no pass interference” (when clearly the receiver’s jersey was pulled) and this week on Sewell, roughing the passer.

I did not see the replay but was astounded at the command center’s decision on Sewell because I did not see any roughing during the play. The first time this season it appeared to be too much over-thinking of a penalty and delayed the game. Moss was certainly shaking his head but kept his cool which must have been difficult. :bird:

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