Lions barely beat Ti-Cats and Simon pouts!

Why are you bringing the Als into this?
Arius claimed its easier to go east to west than west to east and I disagree. Changing shifts however is not the same as playing Pro-football because it is not done over a week it is done over 2 days max and it is far more physical than working in a factory or sitting at a desk!

I too have done night and day shifts and it doesnt bother me either but it does to many people! Dont believe me? Listen for the whinning when they set the clocks back 1 hour next weekend.

I was bringing the ALs into it because they are the farthest east of all teams and have the most change, and I don't think the Als suffer from anything being talked about here. Some people suffer jetlag , so what, others don't .Why is that? Physical fitness has something to do with it. And a swing shift is so the same thing. You are adjusting your body clock completely.
Athletes are more capable not less then average people. And football players generally have a week to adjust to a different time.

The only thing I complain about regarding daylight savings time is that it's pointless and after next week it's dark when I get home from work thus limiting out door stuff for me more , nothing to do with a body clock.

Ro and I are disagreeing about which is worse--travelling East or travelling West. And that is fair enough because the scientific studies on the subject actually aren't all that conclusive.

But there is no doubt that jet lag has an effect, and for some people it takes days to overcome.
And comparing your average person and their average job to these athletes is bordering on silly.
Yes, millions of people do shift work.
And millions of people are also impacted negatively by it.
That does not mean they can't perform their job, or get by, but they are impacted.
And when a pro athlete is effected, even slightly, then it will result in noticeable differences in his play.
These guys are doing things that are defined by nano seconds in reaction time, millimeters, in the difference between a big play and a big dud.
I suspect that very few steelmill workers on the night shift will have anything untoward effecting there performance if their reaction time is off by 3/1000 of a second.
A pro athlete off by that much, means he did not get open on that play, missed that tackle, or missed that block.
The fact that these guys are in great shape is moot because the guys on the otherside of the ball are in great shape as well.
It is the things that are unequal that make a difference, not the things that are the same.

Maybe you should check the statistics for accidents and such for the week after the clocks change...

If I actually heard players say such a thing I'd believe it but not coming from you guys.
My point about time changes is about being able to adjust and you can feel it if your normal or not and how long that takes regardless of what you do.
Doing something 3 hours later or earlier in a day is somthing that they can overcome wether you think so or not . I've seen lots of Als players perform just fine at BC Place Stadium over the years and never seen any laying passed out on the sidelines. The Als used to win here and BC has won lot's over in Montreal too . And that ,IMO ,throws water on your theories about nano-seconds.
And 3/1000's of a second ? How far do think a ball travels in that time span ? Maybe a 1/16 of an inch? Exaggerating a bit there?

Traveling is very tiring and could definitely affect your performance but CFL teams don’t play on a travel day. The very real advantages of playing at home have little or nothing to do with time zones. I can absolutely guarantee you that the adrenalin that flows at a 7:00 p.m. game start does not shut down or even diminish simply because the kick-off time changes to either 4:00 p.m. or 7:00 p.m. This is not the NHL where teams travel between several different time zones playing multiple games in a short time frame. In the CFL, jet lag is not a reason for losing, it is an excuse.

Big Dave: Calgary has been more than shaky in two of their last three games and in Saskatchewan, no one really knows who’s going to show up from week-to-week (they are the epitome of inconsistency and have been all year). The West is a crap-shoot, especially in a one-game sudden death playoff. I am puzzled as to why you think that the only team to sweep the east (to date) is the only one of the three remaining western teams that you think is sure to lose in the Grey Cup - should they get there.

RLR: the ESL crack was good, but save it for someone who might actually get it.

I meant 4:00 pm or 10:00 pm, but I'm sure you catch my drift.

Yeah…sure…whatever, guys…

Jet Lag Updated: 01/19/2006

Almost everyone who has traveled across more than a few times zones in one trip has experienced the debilitating effects of jet lag. While travel across vast distances is now rapid, convenient, and commonplace, we are still saddled with biological limitations arising from millions of years of evolution. The distress associated with jet lag results when the body’s internal clock, or circadian rhythm, becomes desynchronized with the external time zone.

Jet lag is characterized by unpleasant symptoms, including insomnia, sleepiness, impaired performance, diminished alertness, irritability, depressed mood, and gastrointestinal distress (Waterhouse J et al 2005). The symptoms of jet lag are slightly more dramatic for travelers heading east. In addition, older individuals are likely to suffer more from its effects (Monk TH 2005).

The human circadian rhythm—characterized by rising and falling hormone levels, undulating body temperature, and the familiar sleep-wake cycle—is linked to the rising and setting of the sun. Through its production of melatonin, the circadian hormone, the pineal gland plays a crucial role in the circadian rhythm.

Research suggests that the jet aircraft environment itself may also contribute to jet lag. In a recent experiment, researchers simulated the mild oxygen deprivation, or hypoxia, that occurs in pressurized aircraft cabins during long-duration flights at altitudes between 8000 and 12,000 feet. Participants were assessed for changes in melatonin levels. Scientists found a significant decrease in the nightly peak of melatonin, prompting speculation that hypoxia induced by cabin air contributes to post-flight fatigue after long flights and to the clinical disorder of jet lag (Coste O et al 2004).
Jet Lag’s Effects on the Mind and Body

Symptoms of jet lag may include malaise, decreased strength and efficiency, decreased ability to remember or concentrate, gastrointestinal disturbance, headache, irritability, loss of appetite, tiredness during the day, and sleeplessness at night (Committee to Advise on Tropical Medicine and Travel 2003; Haimov I et al 1999; Katz G et al 2001; Lemmer B et al 2002; Nicholson AN et al 1993; Waterhouse J et al 2005b). Scientists have documented that even elite athletes’ performance suffers from jet lag, and some globetrotters may experience depression after long flights (Boivin DB et al 2002; Cardinali DP et al 2002; Lemmer B et al 2002; Reilly T et al 2005).

Researchers have documented that jet lag affects the normal daily changes in blood pressure and heart rate, alters otherwise normal changes in body temperature, and disrupts the normal ebb and flow of the stress hormone, cortisol. These alterations in normal functions may last for a week or more (Cho K et al 2000; Lemmer B et al 2002; Tateishi O et al 2002). For instance, long-distance flight crews experiencing chronic jet lag, may have significantly elevated cortisol levels compared to those of controls. This elevation in cortisol correlates with deficits in cognitive performance (Cho K et al 2000)

[url=] ... lag_01.htm[/url]

Calgary loses to Winnipeg and nobody calls it a late-season collapse. Why? Because it wasn't! Calgary had nothing to lose except the advantage of entering the post-season on a winning streak. How come BC's win against Hamilton is so controversial, yet Calgary's loss to Winnipeg is alright? I guess the dirty rascals always criticize the king of the castle.

Lets assume that a football travels 70 mph.
The ball travels .33 inches in 3/1000 of a second.

A 100 mph fast ball or slap shot will travel .44 of an inch. All of them the differece between succes and failure.

Touche. It's almost like the people on this forum respect Calgary losing by 15 more than BC winning by 6. A double standard if you ask me.

Still offering your "lame excuses 101 incase we lose" I see . In the 25 years of following the Lions have I never heard one single player offer up that one. Read Neil's post. Hockey players have a way more difficult travel regiment and they're able to do it for an 80 season . But you guys are going to say our football players are sacked out by their once a week schedule??? Is that what your Als tell you when they come home from another loss to BC? "We were just to tired!" :lol: BC never comes home from a road trip back east with that. Come to think of it , they've won all their games back there this year so far . How do you explain that??? :lol:

The proof is on the field guys , the results there don't show a pattern of wins and loses reflecting "jetlag". Many other factors come into play for any individual athlete . Theres ways of overcoming things . For athletes, mind over matter and adrenaline is a way bigger factor than the hogwash being offered up here.

Can you even read?
Where did anyone give an excuse?
Again you feel the need to drag the Als into something where they have not even been mentioned!
Show me where I said they lost or will lose because of the time difference? Show me where the Als have ever made that excuse.
You seem to enjoy quoting some much! Put a quote down that show where I made any excuses?

Oh that right because I didn’t.....and you can’t read!

Just to show you have no idea what you are talking about! When it comes to hockey the an east coast team makes a west coast trip they dontt go to only one city then go home and then return to the coast again so your argument is useless

I will say it again real slow so that you can understand.........No ONE IS MAKING EXCUSES!!!!!

Ill day it again.......NO ONE IS MAKING EXCUSES. Did it sink in this time or do I have to say it again?

I agree I can not see how it would affect west teams going east. Where as the opposite for the east would have an effect but at their ages and in their profession I doubt it has that much of effect that it would hurt their abilities to play. This would be a poor excuse for poor play or the other teams good play.
As far as a late season collapse that is bull. It is preseason all over again because it allows coaches to experiment with their playbook and personel. Anyone stating this is well wishful thinking. On this one I agree with the BC fans!

and what was our record last year? Being at 12-5 doesn't mean anything in the post-season, what matters is how well the Leos play...and on Saturday night against Hamilton, they only played for the 3rd quarter. That may be enough to beat Hamilton, but it won't be nearly good enough to beat anyone else (except maybe EE, but then, they're no longer an issue).

Loved that loss by the Stamps on Saturday!! :lol:

Sounds like RLR well knows that nothing gurantees a GC berth...but maybe you're a little worried about your own team's chances just to get to the WDF, let alone the GC?

Welcome to the upside down world of Pennw :lol: :lol: Can we get Kanga back!

I agree that an East -> West jetlag can be tough on the players, but as pennw said, they are pro-athletes and pros can take that type of punishment much better than someone who sits on a couch all day.

pennw also makes some good points on the Riders & Stamps and their losses, against BC and others. However, good points were also made that the Leos just haven't been putting their hearts into the last couple of games. Sure, maybe they don't mean anything, but that, IMO, doesn't mean they shouldn't be working their as$es off trying to win. I was personally very disappointed with how the Leos played on Sat. I was expecting a score of 50-9, not a 6 point difference.

Given that, Hamilton played well on Saturday. For only the 5th time this season, they actually played as a was nice to see. The only surprise was that Lumsden wasn't used more.