Lions barely beat Ti-Cats and Simon pouts!

Its posts like this one Dave that makes you wish
you came around more often.

All excellent points and very valid....i never considered they were playing at 1 am your time.

Some good, some not so good, but interesting enough.

Jet lag is more of a factor for western teams travelling east than for east teams going west, but travel does affect everybody to a degree. Part of the reason why most teams play better at home.
Both teams were playing with nothing at stake and with numerous backups, so I wouldn't read to much into anything, especially "gee, the Lions should have won by a lot more".
Despite the Ti-cat record this year, the reason we play the games is because anyone can beat anyone else each week. Anyone who thinks the result against Hamilton changes BC from being the odds on favourite to win the Cup this year, is just hoping, not thinking...

As for Hamilton's QBs, from what I've seen, Eakin doesn't impress much, but Richie Williams looks like a keeper. Given that I also have never been impressed by Maas, who knows next year....

I will concur that Winnipeg might look the best in the east right now. Both Allan and Cavillo look old and tired.
Of course my bias towards Kevin Glenn might be showing, but how can he not be the East all-star QB this year?

Last comment. It is interesting though, that Dave makes the same point as Simon was making--he also felt the Lions were not putting the boots to Hamilton as they should. And then people accuse him of pouting. Go figure!

which is why the CFL league offices should force teams to travel atleast 2 days before game day.

Fans and sponsors pay for top entertainment

By the way ... the 'Cats (junior variety) played well last night

The league does require teams to travel earlier than they use to. And some teams are travelling two days in advance.
But as I said, it is harder for a West team to play an 11 AM start than it is for an east team to play a 1 AM finish.

Recently, western teams with nothing to gain defeated 3 of 4 eastern teams. Not much weight should be given to any single game because teams performance can fluctuate from week to week. In an unimportant game, BC just played good enough to beat Hamilton and Winnipeg is next. When BC plays its best, it can beat any team in the league.

...except the Riders....somebody was going to say it...might as well be me!!

BC doesn't always play its best, but has defeated Saskatchewan before in the first game this season. There is no guarantee that Saskatchewan can beat BC in the playoffs. Afterall, BC has beaten every team in the league.

How do you figure that?

If Mtl plays an 8pm game in BC their bodies are telling them its 11pm

If BC plays in MTL at 8pm their bodies are telling them its 5PM

West to east is easier than east to west

Wow , some brilliant logic in this thread.
BC just beats Ti-cats by 6 points therefore they $uck so much they haven't got a chance to win against either the Stamps or Riders in the WDF.
Well Calgary didn't just beat their opponent by only 6 points , they got blown away 28-13 instead , but that's really irrelevent whereas the Lions game is. :roll: . As for the Riders , they have not blown BC away in any game that they won , they were all very close games that went down to the wire except the one game that BC did blow the Riders away in. But BC should just mail in the game to the Riders.
Good thing we actually play the games instead deciding games based on biased opinions.

The time differential is a lame excuse. These guys are professional athletes , they cane handle it no problem. Some people should try working a swing shift like many do insead of whining about imaginary "jetlag" . Many a working guy play's sports at night after working a full days work and then go back to work the next day . But our pros are supposedly wusses that can't stay up late by 3 measily hours even thought they got a whole weeks notice to prepare???

Its not being used as an excuse!
Its just an observation.

BTW if you dont think it makes any difference, Ill ask you again next weekend when we set the clock back an hour!

Doesnt effect me one bit ever. I've done a 12 hour 2 week swing before. Anyone that can't handle a 3 hour change is a wuss and has no buisness being a pro athlete. They would be a white collar instead . They're the only ones who cry about something so trivial .

Jet lag is a real physical condition, and it affects some people more than others, so it is a real concern for teams. And of course just travelling affects people as well. And those elements are likely bigger factors than the much vaunted 13th man.

And generally, the "lag" from going west to east is considered to have a larger affect than going from east to west.
It is caused from disruption of sleep patterns and light/dark.
That means if you travel east 2 hours, you need to go to sleep 2 hours sooner and then get up 2 hours earlier.
Try it tomorrow and see how you do.
When traveling west, you can go to bed at the same time, get up at the same time and you it just means you were awake 2 hours longer than usual before the game. Try that as your next experiment and see how you do.
Most people have more trouble with the first example than the second, but not everyone is affected the same way.

Don't forget these guys got a whole week to prepare to play at that time , it's not just a one day adjustment. But even if it was , it's pretty minor for anyone in decent shape.

Pro athletes are far more likely to feel the disruptions in their schedules than your white collar worker.
If you get a little drowsy sitting behind your computer, have a cup of coffee, or go for a walk.
If you aren't at 100% during a football game, it's "oops, how did Stegal get by me for a 100 yard TD"

I agree that it affect people differently. I dont believe west to east is more difficult because you dont have to go to bed to hours sooner you can wait for 2 hours. When going west if you are used to going to bed at say 11 and getting up at 7 you are actually going to bed at 9 and getting up at 5

Why could they not do their own schedule to match the time they will be playing at the following week??? These guys are PROS , they're not babys . They know how to prepare .
Ya ,I can just imagine Als players crying to their coach "I'm so tired coach , I just can't play anymore" . Not likely.
BTW ,I've done night shift and a dayshift the following day before and know lots of guys who've done the same . That's far more drastic then a 3 hour change done over a one week period. That's a complete reversal as is a swing shift and millions of people do that all the time.

Athletes are better at such adustments ,not worse . In a game when you're physical you get more awake not less ,unlike sitting at a computer with no blood flow in you're body. It's sitting and watching a screen or TV that puts you to sleep. When you work out , you can't sleep , you get wide awake insead with your pulse elevated . Maybe some of you just need to get in better shape from the sounds of it.

The point is, you get up at the same time--your body thinks it is 7, so you get up, even though it is actually 5. Then you might get bored or tired with that extra 2 hours to kill, but you do not have to actually change your sleep pattern. Going east, you must change because they will kick off whether or not you are there or not.
Now, of course, there is an affect both ways. And the light/dark changes are also a big factor so for some people, if it is still light out, they can't sleep, etc. So for some people, east to west is worse. But on average, it is west to east.
The main point however is, that it is indeed a factor for all pro athletes. These guys live and breath routine and any changes upset them. and the difference between winning and losing is very tiny, so it does not take much.

I used to go to the gym at night all the time and work out until 10 pm . And then I couldn't sleep afterwards because of the elevated metabolism . Believe me working out does not put you to sleep , if you really go at it.