Lions barely beat Ti-Cats and Simon pouts!

The Lions are looking shaky at the wrong time again this season. The Sisters of Mercy Powder Puff football team could give Hamilton a good game. Yet, the Lions had difficutly with them. Selfish Simon complaining to a TSN sideline reporter highlights that things are shaky in Wallyworld!!!!!!! With the Stamps looking ordinary, The Riders may be the team to go with all the way from the WEST. Could we be in for a Riders-Bombers Grey Cup!! :cowboy: :rockin:

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Ignoring the Lions at present, let me just say that I would LOVE a Rider/Bomber Grey Cup. I pray that it happens.

A Riders/Bombers GC would be the coolest fo sho.

Wouldnt get any better than that

And then you awoke...

Riders/Bombers Grey Cup would be great

Yep, we sure had a lot of trouble with Hamilton tonight. We had so much trouble that we substituted Joe Smith with Ian Smart for the whole second half; we also sat Brent Johnson and Aaron Hunt. I'm really nervous that we are falling apart. We still need to clinch the West. These final games against Calgary and Hamilton really mattered, and the final game against Winnipeg is make-or-break for our season. We are currently third in the West - we need to clinch. Geroy is not performing, and we have two terrible quarterbacks in Buck and Dave. These CFL forums are just overflowing with knowledgable people. Please pray for the Lions as we are in desperate need of help. We haven't even won the West yet! Thank you for your prayers.

It's turkeybend, did you expect to see any knowledge when you clicked on this thread?

Hahaha, actually, I didn't realize it was him until after I posted. I shouldn't read his posts anymore, they give me headaches.

That is one of the funniest posts I have ever seen. Even funnier is that some people on these forums will miss your sarcasm and actually believe you! I find it hilarious that these people speak of a Lions collapse when we are 12-5, have clinched first in the CFL, and have nothing to worry about except who we will play next under the dome. If that’s a collapse, then I guess the Stamps are folding and moving to another city after their loss to Winnipeg last night.

This is not the thread that talks about a collapse!
It one thread down and take a right!

Just in case you have forgotten, the Riders beat the Lions 3 out of 4 times this year-- keep that in mind in your smug atttitude, if your team plays with the attitude you guys have, they will be watching the Grey Cup with you at various pubs and private parties in the lower mainland. One thing you should never, ever do is get ahead of yourselves-- you will be doomed to failure if you do. Im sure the Lions KNOW that whoever they play in the Western final, it will not be an easy game for them to win. It is why the game is played, gentleman, dont ever forget that.

Get by Calgary first, then talk to me. Until then, I will enjoy first place in the CFL. I am not saying we are automatically going to the Grey Cup. What I'm saying is that we've put ourselves in the best position to do so, with one home playoff game to advance to the big game. If I were you, I would worry about the fact that my team has not had a home playoff date since 1988.

Maybe you should worry about the fact that being at home in the Western Final does not garauntee you a GC berth, but keep right on thinking that, and we will re-visit this thread when either the Stamps or Riders are going to Winnipeg to play the GC game, and the Lions are lamenting yet another missed opportunity to play in the championship game.

How is that relevant to anything this year?????

Wow RLR what logic you amaze me! BC4life great post funny and what it took you all night for that one! The fact is like Sambo has stated these games are played for a reason. Mnay time the top team has choked and missed their opportunity to play in the big game. Will it happen I guess we have to wait and see the games played first! But I would guess those pictures of your boy friends will disappear if the Lions lose! :lol: :lol:


Just face up to it - the Lions are done!! They are fading fast and have crippled quarterbacks. Best thing to do is step aside and let Calgary and the Riders determine who will best represent the West in the Grey Cup. BC is already represented by Nelly Furtado.
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Why dont we let them play the winner of the Cal. SSK game, just for kicks!

I like B.C., Dave Dickenson, Wally Buono, etc., but if I were to pick the team coming out of the west, it would not be the Lions. "We put our backup running back in for the second half..." Boo hoo! The Ticats had their second string QB in for the first half, and their third string for the second half. And we're not talking about Buck Pierce here...on any other team, Eakin would be third string and Williams would be equipment man. Our two "starting" running backs -- Josh Ranek and Corey Holmes -- were not there. Not to mention that we were playing on the road at 1 in the morning.

There is no excuse for the Lions not winning that game by at least twenty points. When your opponent is that bad, and then has all those other disadvantages added on, a six-point win should be taken as a moral defeat.

The Lions are not playing good football right now, and if I were to put money on it, I would pick them to lose the Western Final...probably to Calgary, though a Stampeder win in the semi-final is not a sure thing.

In the east, Winnipeg has a definite shot. All three teams have been inconsistent, playing great one week and crappy the next, so I wouldn't pick any as the overwhelming favourite.

I see the Grey Cup going to the Western team this season.

Unless that team is the Lions.