Lions at Tiger-Cats Play-By-play Thread

Hamilton can clinch a playoff spot with a tie or win tonight. There would be no West crossover this year.
BC is playing to get closer to a playoff chance.
If Masoli can play to the levels he has the past two games (actually finishing drives for TDs) then we have a good chance of winning.
Of course, the Defence has to limit Burnham and put Reilly on his back as much as possible.

We got this. :+1:

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while cool and crisp, the sky is blue, the sun is shining. winds are not strong.

perfect fall football weather!


I'll be at the game tonight.


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oskee wee wee!

be very afraid. Lions new kicker makes them invincible :slight_smile:

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Just got into our seats.

Winds: Go from nothing to gusts of only about 15-20 km. Not steady at all.
Going from N to S.

Temp: Dropping. Will be cold by the half. My wife and I are bundled. May be one of those games when the stands look somewhat barren.

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Note: My birthday was yesterday. All I ask is that the Cats give me a belated present.

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Long lines waiting to enter still.

Barker still thinks Masoli can’t get it done. Yeesh…

Tiger vs lion

And still long lines

Game Notes tell me Reilly has a 63-59 career record (51.6%) while Masoli is 25-23 (52.1%).

For the people that have been teaching me about QB (not team) win-loss records … what should I conclude about these two QBs?

one guy has played more than twice as many games as the other


Where is everyone?

Lions moving the ball

setting them up for a big turnover

Did we start the game with our fourth quarter defence?


No pressure so far