Lions at Tiger-Cats Game day...

well, here we go!

Big gain by THIGGY....from Glenn >> FG 3-0 Ti-Cats

Congrats to Geroy Simon on his TD catch 7-6 Lions lead

Ti Cats are a dirty team today..

Hard rock D by Hamilton on Simon.....blocked punt leads to Porter TD from the one yard line via PI >> 16-10 Cats

that was NOT pass interference! what a weak weak call by that ref!..


so far so good for the cats...I wonder if Porter will start the second half as MB stated he would put him in at some point.

Hamilton playing tough so far...Porter's putting in his offensive effort..ect. Cats extend their lead to 22-10

BC did not show up to this one. McCallum is aweful. He is giving them great field position on every kick.

Ticats kicker is on the money.

fine time to lose a game, sure give Edmonton first place, sheesh.

Well if BC can heal all their injuries and Esk's finish first..then I'm cool with another beat down by BC in Edmonton in the WF.

So much for that win streak.

Ray Mariuz, the one man team :lol:

Outstanding effort by Hamilton on all fronts too...big time >> 42-10 Tiger Cats Final

I guess tigers can maul lions... :slight_smile:

Actually it is. This is the last game BC could lose with no consequences. They still hold their fate in their hands. They beat Edmonton next week, and Montreal the following and they finish first. Both games are at home.

BC didn't deserve to win. They played poorly but also have plenty of injuries and dressed a pretty marginal lineup tonight. The lost was almost inevitable. BC will come out more focus and not feel like they're invincible. A humbling experience isn't a bad thing at this point.

BC didn't deserve to win. They played poorly but also have plenty of injuries and dressed a pretty marginal lineup tonight.
At the same time, then Cats had 11 regulars out with injuries. :|

Congratulations Ti-Cat fans. Great effort by your team tonight. They came out jacked to win this game and earned the victory. Hard hits, great schemes on D. Great crowd too!

No one wants to be on the receiving end of a butt-whooping, but Tiger-Cat fans deserved a big win. Enjoy!

To tongledwed:

I am anxious to know the 11 regular who were out of the game because of injuries; I presume that you don't count players added to 1 game injury list,because they have been released by a better player. I also presume that you don't take into account 2010 regulars no longer with the team. To me, the regulars out and really injured were: Chris Willians,Johnson and Hage.

A great game by the Tiger Cats and I am happy for their fans. A team to watch in the playoffs. They should/will meet the Als in semi-final.


Carter, Matt
Collins, Milt
Grant, Terry
Hage, Marwan
Hinds, Ryan
Johnson, Jamall
Jones, Kyle
Means, Loyce
Shivers, Jason
Williams, Chris
Carter, Yannick