Lions at Stampeders

This one is a big Western match.



Calgary 28 B.C. 25

CAL: 29 BC: 25

calgary...too much talent.

bc lost 2ice to the riders..the same riders calgary destroyed.

too many key injuries for BC, and new tailback , and maybe a skittish DD after the hit last week... Calgary by 10+... maybe a 34-17 score...

.....I think it'll be a little closer than that....Joe Smith (Warren's replacement) was all over us in the preseason embarassment, and we're without Brian Clark, although Anthony should be a decent enough replacement for him.....if Coe or White can make it to DD a few times we may be able to stall the lions....they still have some threats...... shouldn't be a factor, 29C and nary a cloud in the sky......

Anything can happen but I think BC will win by a couple! :o But again it I have been wrong before right bomber fans!

At halftime it will be 24-14 for BC for the second half who knows…???

Both squads have key injuries. I hate to say it, but because BC is so predictable, I think the Stamps will storm back in the second half and squeek out a win.

Calgary on a last minute De’Angelas field goal.

Hope I’m wrong!


Should be a good Friday night game. I'm off!

what a way to start a week of holidays, should be the game of the week, although those two last night are going to be hard to top, dont really care who wins this one although I did take BC in the pool, I think it will be a shoot out.

This is one of those games where I don't care who wins and only hope they beat the hell out of each other :thup:

Calgary will take this game by a TD at least. Their high-powered offence will thrive against BC's defence. I think all of the hits DD took this year may start to catch up with him this game, and if he goes out for the year with an injury(not that I'm hoping he does), Hello consecutive 35th year in the playoffs! It certainly doesn't help that a new RB is in for BC as well.

I think you have called it Red ...I think BC will take it as much as I am going for the Stamps. Will will get an idea what both teams are made of thats for sure.

Stamps all the way!!! Should be close though.

Well I was close I should have said by a couple of dozen points! :lol:

just goes to show, what happened last week means squat, Lions own the Stamps, Stamps own the Riders, Riders own the Lions....and the EE, well their just last...

43 - 20.
Us Lions fans got loud at a lot of points during that game. :wink:
It was a great game, though. I hope everyone there enjoyed themselves, I know I did.

Joe who?

Well Put Piggy :slight_smile: just goes to show you can throw out the crystal balls in the west.. dont know about you.. but have you every seen the standings this tight before... theres no front runner atm ..hers Hoping the Riders can stay with the pack VS TO.. GO RIDERS !