Lions at Riders - Sept 24th

So the Big game, possibly one of the biggest for the Riders is up.

Lions are poised to catch up to the Esks.. and the Riders want to do the same but instead with the Lions!

who comes out on top?? stay tuned! :slight_smile:

Go Riders


Not Rob Black! :?

Go Riders, Go Green!!!

so tired of Swaggerville....


although I would agree that they should probably be talking about BC/Saskatchewan in the BC/Saskatchewan pre-game show

Only BC can beat BC. They show up today....tough for riders, but anything can happen.



exactly, whatever. it only takes a couple plays to make a game some days. the Riders could easily pull off some plays that nobody saw coming and the Lions lose.


Go Lions!!
Biggest game of the season for either team...

I'm sure you'll eat your word and two periods after.

go lions :rockin:

ooh, we've got Mr. Roboto for Referee today... :roll:

Black at it again.

he's going to make way too many references towards things that aren't important.

I'm glad riders don't study video of other teams, they might know they won't have much a running game against BC's D.

if were only that simple 5440.

wow, Jacques was sure pissed off there!!

Lulay has looked really good so far.
If Lulay can keep on growing as a player the Lions will be scary.
The offence is looking good and marching and controlling the ball.

why the hell are the Riders Secondary playing so far off the receivers???

come on!! lets make the adjustment already!! :x

Lions have to start punching in TD's on these drives and not give these guys any hope that they don't deserve!