Lions At Riders Can Make Things Right

Two things needed to happen. Bombs split and Lions sweep.

Part A has happened with Team Henry downing the Bombs.
If the Lions can just win this one, all they need is to win the last game at home and they get second.

Trust me , they do not want to play in Winnipeg . Get in the dome where the high power O can grove.
If they do play in Winnipeg , they can look back at the melt down at home vs the Bombs .

However, that is in the past . Lions still control their own fate.


Great, phase 2 is almost complete.

A good dominant win, but those drops were killing me.

Clean that up and second place it is.

Yup BC has a clear pathway to a home playoff game now.

Outside of two areas BC played a very sound game.

The two areas of concern:
The drops...mainly Gore for me. Looks like he has the yips for the past couple of games.
PK..Leone...he's so inconsistent. Not much they can do now I don't suppose. It's too late to be looking at change. It would just rob him of confidence, But he's a concern.

Jeremiah Johnson is playing very well. One of the top backs in the league now and really balances the attack. He was a very shrewd pick-up for BC and I do like how he was platooned during the year by Buono.

This is a very balanced, dangerous team. They don't have a lot of lulls. And they play no BS football. No drama. Just line-up and play hard.

On a side note: I thought it was such a stupid move by Jones in series by series rotation of the QB. The final home game at Mosaic and he treats it like an exhibition game. Give them each a half perhaps.

Leone is the best punter, but worst kicker.

Come on, 2 missed converts :thdn: :thdn:

BTW, are there any other Lions fans on this site ?

Jamie , Orange and myself seem to be the only ones who want to talk. :?

Perhaps I should go join the group.

They always want to talk. :thup:

Leone missed 2 converts and 2 field goals - 8 points. He can't be doing that in the final game and the playoffs. Great punter but place kicking not so much.
Go Lions!

Well every team has a weakness and that is the Lions Achilles.
Hopefully they can manage it.
They are very good at the two pointer and are aggressive in redzone play calling looking to score a TD rather than settling for the FG.

And yes he is a terrific punter.

With Leone, it appears to be mechanics. I am surprised that Don Sweet hasn't been able to fix it. Mostly all of his kicks seem to veer or 'slice' to the right. And he typically doesn't miss by much either.

He also just seems to have one motion on his kicks: hard. Needs to put more of a touch on his PATs. If you notice, those kicks from 20-25 yards are sailing higher than the goal posts (with many landing in the crowd). There's no way that should be the case. Other kickers have a better stroke from that distance. Watch Whyte sometime - he's a master. Just a little guy but he has a great kicking leg with just the right touch on the ball....he doesn't murder it from 25 yards out.

Does Sweet work with Leone?

WOW...Wally resigns Paul!!!