Lions at Larks GDT

Lions at Larks, the bastard child of the Labour Day Weekend. :roll:

So far so good! Al's are looking crappy. :rockin:
Lions leading 17-6 at the half :wink:

PICK SIX!!!!!!! Lions up 24-6 :rockin:

I wish TSN would carry this game on one of the 2 TSN channels I receive. I would love to see the All Wets get what's coming to them.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Hi folks!

Als now down by eight after a Bede FG...24-16, fourth quarter.

25-16 after a Leone missed FG for a single.

COX is an IDIOT!!! :rockin:

He is the Chief punk on the Dirtybirds!

I am now 100% certain, the Cats, last week.... .played down to and below their opponent's level...yea, they beat themselves!

Marsh is an armpunting machine tonight!

How the EFFwas that NOT Roughing the Kicker???

Seven turnovers for Montreal are the the Als' undoing -- Lions win 25-16.

And then less than 1 second off the clock a couple of plays later, what is this????

Is Johnny "gluebag"all italics reffing this game ?

Way to go Lions! Can't wait until Mondays game!!

Too bad he didn't play like that last week. :frowning: Our D could have had a real feast! :rockin: Glad the other cats could put them away - and in their own barn too! Our turn next to claw the birdies at home! (next month)

After watching the Als play BC at home I'm wondering how Ham ever lost the game to them. The team must have been AWOL for that game for sure. :roll:

I guess Jim Popp isn't that invincible as head coach as compared to Tom Higgins or anyone?

I think what favoured BC last night, was that Montreal was ready to face Lulay, after Lulay went down and Beck stepped up they didn't expect Beck to play the game he did or won't ready for him.

Maybe that's what Hamilton should do next time they play the Al's, start Collaros but also play Mathews and Harris mix it up like Austin use to when we had Burris, LeFevour and Masoli mixing in plays, it certainly keeps defences on their heels.


Yea, great QB performance by Tanner Marsh! 103 yards passing, 5 ints… :roll: :roll:
Beck, 114 yards passing and a couple of pics too?
Terrible show by both QBs

I guess we can dispense with the whole Jim Popp as a Coaching Genius thing! :roll:
His birds laid a huge egg at home last night.
The race for the last CFL playoff spot just got a whole lot more interesting.

Well Beck did have a couple of TDs in there too. I thought he looked pretty good early but then started to let the game get away from him a bit late in the 3rd and into the 4th and looked less sharp.
BC defense showed up for this one - at least a lot more than they did a couple of weeks ago when Sutton and Rutley ran all over them. That seemed to make the difference.

And then maybe the Larks were busy reading their press clippings about their “winning streak” and feeling invincible after besting a tired Ticats team last week! :lol: