Lions at Gangrene Game Thread, Oct. 16, 4 pm et, TSN

October 16
BC at Saskatchewan
4 pm et /1 pm pt

Last call for the Green Riders to keep their slender East crossover hopes intact. The Cats could finish them off even before kickoff with a win in Montreal, so we shall see. I am not sure that the Dr. Jekyll-Cats will be in La Belle Province, but I digress. LOL

The Lions are red hot and could put this one in bed in a hurry.

Oski Wee Wee,


I don’t plan on watching all of this one. But I expect that the team on the seven game winning streak to defeat that 4-10 team, leading to a playoff spot being clinched for us when we couldn’t quite get it ourselves this afternoon.

I say Saskatchewan wins this game unless the Refs decide they want a BC win!!

BC won...saskatchewan is out....

More important, Hamilton is in!