Lions at Eskmos Game Thread, Sat. Nov. 1, 7 pm et

Saturday, November 1, 2014
7:00 PM ET
BC at Edmonton

BC still has the crossover race with the Riders to deal with. Edmonton is pretty much locked and loaded for second place and host of the WDSF -- but need to clinch. Probably a close one with Kevin Glenn starting at the controls for the Lions, but can he get out without being knocked out?

Oski Wee Wee,


Well so far the EE are racking up the points with a FG and now a TD after a VERY long scamper by White got them to about the 10 yd line. 10-0 for the green and gold.

Leos respond with a 2 and out. Maybe they'd rather come east to play??? :wink:

Thought that Proulx would be doing the Als/Argo game tomorrow but apparently not - he’s on the field in Edmonton.

BC managed a drive and got close enough for a McCallum boot. 10-3 E at the end of the 1st with EE dominating so far.

Looks like BC’s vaunted defense is having a hard time stopping White on the run, EE with another major as he runs it into the end zone. 17-3 home team.

It certainly looks that way so far 17-3 Esks. The Lions look like they are mailing it in at this point. :roll:

Are you rooting for the Lions?

Better make that 20-3 EE - the beard kicks a FG from 44 after being penalized for time count and having to move back from the 39 yd line.

3 minute warning before the half.

I hope that Collaros looks like Reilly someday. Mike has really matured.

Of course, I'd like our O-Line to look like Edmonton's looks like tonight as well.

We can hope. I think that Zach will look much better next year when he is more familiar with the offense and receivers - not saying he doesn't know what he is doing - but with time comes a greater comfort level with schemes and team mates. I hope that the Ticats eventually look more like the Stampeders with continuity in coaching staff and players - at least a core group and a good mix of experience and youth.

It would appear that part of BC's problem is giving up almost a football field in penalties in the first half - about 95 yds (yikes!!) compared to only 20 for the EE.

Well BC may be going to pot - especially with the EE scoring their 3rd TD to give them a comfortable 27-3 lead - but Elimimian has now broken Sherritt's tackle record with 131 - so far.

Seriously don't think that BC wants to win this game a great deal. I think they would prefer the crossover.

They may wish they stayed in the west since they haven't played well in the east this season. Of course they aren't playing well at ALL in Edmonton either! :lol: :oops: EE with another TD 37-3 with the PAT.

Just noticed Beck heading on to the field for BC - or was he in before and I just didn't notice? Obviously KG has not been getting the job done - seemed to be overthrowing his receivers. Well Beck doesn't make much headway either. :oops:

P. White in @ QB for the EE - Reilly appears to have an ankle or foot problem. Thought they'd go to Nichols though.

A total rout by the EE 37-3 over the Leos.

Winning weekend so far for the "gold" teams - black(white) and gold, blue and gold, green and gold.
Have no idea what that means for tomorrow's game :wink:

Pretty ugly day for anyone who loves the passing game. Two of the four western teams generated less than 100 yards of passing. A third (Calgary) had all of 138 yards. Edmonton's 318 passing yards brought the average up to a whopping 162 per team on the day.

Maybe Zach would look like Reilly if he had a 125 yards per game average rushing attack like the Eskimos do.