Lions at Cats PBP Thread

Anyone see how Banks got so wide open in the end zone? Triple coverage on Tasker, as we always seem to go to him there, perhaps?

Throwing on 2nd down and and goal from outside the 5… This is ground breaking stuff.

By the half? Doubt it, but sure would look good.

John White shutting me up good…

Only thing the Riders need right now is a good QB.

I didn’t say by the half, but I like the way you think.

Running like it’s 2016 . 8)

a penalty aided drive

How did Jones actually make that grab?? Holy cow!!

Amazing catch by Jones!!

TD Banks .


not game related but… it’s driving me nuts. For you guys watching on TV, the voice on the new Kelsey’s commercial - is it Rod Smith from TSN ???

Hey Cats , cut Mike Jones !!! ;D 8)…NOT !!!

Haven’t noticed. Every time I watch that commercial I try to remember if the waitress’ hair was always blowing around indoors when I was in my 20’s

Imagine how good he could be if he could actually catch? ;D

And Brooks with our second pick of the game. Maybe won’t make 50 by the half, but 40 would be good.

The Farrah cut always looked that way.

And it does sound like Rod Smith, but not sure.

They make it so hard to hate them, like an abusive relationship ??

What a half from the boys… Speedy B deserves his name on the Wall of Fame when he retires, book it. My favourite Cat since Amerson, this team is not the same without his energy.

They’ve got a fan on her!!! But thanks for reminding me of that familiar style. They went for someone who looked like FF

Looks like that ball hit a wall in the sky to Jones .