Lions at Cats PBP Thread

About two minutes to game time.

Who is that out of control moron on the TSN panel? Somebody pleeeeze settle him down!!!

heaven forbid they should get excited about a CFL game


FFS LH misses again…

I wonder if they rushed the convert so as to not have the Tasker TD reviewed.

And I don’t want to hear that a missed PAT somehow justifies our coach going brain dead last week.

That’s not how it works.

Isn’t it?

What would we do without Rod Black? “The Lions strike first”!


Read it again...I said "out of control". Not excited.

TD. Let Jerry Glanville kick the PAT.

The control room missed that trap . Maybe a little pay it back for a close play last week .

Wife and I home sick today and watching from couch instead of stadium. Guaranteed win for Cats.

Does make you wonder. That one seemed “inconsistent with the league’s standards” - as did at least one of last week’s, regardless what the league said.


TD Speedy!!

Wonder what we would get back in a trade if we sent Green and White to the Riders. They couldn’t refuse anything we asked for.

Let’s hang a 50 burger on BC today!!