Lions at Blue Bombers Game Thread, Sat. Oct. 25, 7 pm et

Lions at Blue Bombers
Sat Oct 25
7PM ET / 4PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

A lot is riding on this one as BC tries to solidify its push to get into the playoffs and avoid having to cross over to the East. For Winnipeg, it's trying to stop the bleeding of a free fall into the West basement. Hard to see where the Bombers can find traction and not be in it here.

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Teeing this up for you folks. Not sure if I will back to partake in this thread further.

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Matters not to me who wins or loses this one but the bombers know it is win or go home and BC is still looking for a playoff berth so both will be laying it out - if they are smart. So far with just over 3 minutes to go in the first quarter, BC is up 7-4. Have to say that I am barely watching though. Still trying to process the Ticats debacle.

"Peggers with a TD to take the lead over the Leos 14-7 with about 3 minutes remaining to the half.

BC may have something to say about how long they hold that lead with a huge kick return though.

It probably should matter. With the Tiger-Cats doing everything in their power to finish in third place, BC becomes our competitor for the last playoff spot. If they lose tonight, they could easily be stuck at 8 wins for the season with their last two games being against Edmonton and Calgary. That would mean one more win (i.e. Ottawa) would get us into the playoffs. (Probably for the semi-final in Toronto - where we've had such great success this year.)

Winnipeg D-lineman just touched Glenn and got called for RTP. The hit to Collaros' head was SO much worse than that.

Wasn't really thinking of the playoff implications. Well Winnipeg is making a game of it with a slim 1 point lead at the moment almost half way through the third. They seem to have their mojo although I have to admit that I'm still not watching the game that closely. Hajrullahu with a FG to bump the 'Peggers ahead by 4 now. BC with a huge return for a TD may have just taken the wind out their sails unless it is negated by the pink flag - which it is.

If Willy doesn't stop throwing throwing the ball to the BC defense then the Bummers won't hang on to their lead for long. Glenn with a long toss down the field and BB called for DPI. Under 10 to play in the fourth,