Lions Assistant GM to talk with Renegades

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MOJO Sports Radio AM730 has learned that the Ottawa Renegades have contacted B.C. Lions General Manager and Head Coach Wally Buono, looking for permission to talk with Lions Assistant GM and Director of Player Personnel Bob O’Billovich.
Buono gave the Renegades permission to contact O’Billovich, however they have only been given a small window to come to terms on a deal.

O’Billovich says he has not talked with the Renegades at the time of this story.

It is speculated that the Renegades are looking for a general manager, with O’Billovich and CFL T.V. analyst Eric Tillman as candidates to fill the job.

looks good for the Gades, and not so good for greg forest

Forest works in slow mo so he will be the last to know what is going on. Just ask him who the Gades QB is he would not know :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

update: O'Billovich has turned down the offer. would rather stay in BC.

so that only leaves Tillman.

Nothing wrong with Eric, in fact and like the previous thread, he would be my hands downs GM. With Phil Kershaw and Mark Kosmos in the Prez and VP seats. These mooves would go a long way into giving the Gades instant credibility in the community.
What are they waiting for, while bailing water again in the current state of this Titanic after hitting the iceberg.

I agree. Let Forest relax and retire. Tillman can get the job done.

Finally, some good news for Ottawa.

Watching them is like watching your friend make terrible mistakes or go though tradies one after another.

good to see them going in the right direction.

Well, O'B isn't coming and I don't blame him. Why would he want to come to a team that is so mixed up that no good football man would want to put himself through it?

He could have double dated the cheerleaders with Loonie! :wink:

Your stuck with Forrest Gump now for a while!

Turns out some of this was a lie. They didn't really have much of a discussion with O'B. They let the deadline pass without telling Buono that they would like to have an extension or anything. Listen to 1200 right now as they are discussing this issue.

The window of opportunity has passed.....OB is not comming.


Theres always Eric Tillman!

Wasn't Tillman in Ottawa before, as their first GM?

Wasn't he dumped rather unceremoniously after the Gades failed to make the playoffs in their first three years?

He'd be a great choice. I don't think he was given enough of a chance to build a winner there. Maybe he can do it if he goes back there.