Lions @ Argo's

Did anybody see this game? (June 30 2017)

Slow start but what a great football game that turned into. BC playing catch-up for the most part and then digging in the claws to nail the convincing W! Could have gone either way perhaps as both teams D' looked great. I think BC learned a lesson in the tight loss to Eddie last week.

Ricki Ray, never count that guy out.

The game was closer than the final score, no doubt.

I couldn't decide if the defenses were that good, or the O-lines that bad. :cowboy: A bit of both I suspect.

Even though Ray passed for over 300 yards, they were "quiet" yards. He earned everything, but mostly seemed confused by the zone coverage.

Still, I was very happy with the win after last week's debacle against Edmonton.

Yup...big win for the Lions.
But that O-line is horrific. New guy Fourcalt at guard needs work. They sure seem to miss Olafioye at tackle.
And their "toughness" they exhibited last year seems to have slipped imo.
The offense seems really scattershot to me...overly reliant on the deep ball. Other than that it seems very vanilla.
A lot of dropped passes if caught may have improved my take on the offense however.

But a good and important win.

:P the Lions got a lucky break/complete fluke win?

Yeah there's room for work, but..

Towards the end of the game Toronto returned a punt from just about the goal line when they were down by 13. The colour commentator said something about how he thought Toronto should have let the ball roll into the endzone to concede the single. Am I the only one that completely disagrees? Moving the ball up another 20 yards or so doesn't do much to change the odds of getting two quick touchdowns. Keeping the lead at 13 at least makes it so if you did manage to score those two touchdowns you would only need to kick conversions to win.



Great win for the Lions, they shut down Ray and the Argo offense by using zone as the panel was discussing. It worked. Burnham is one heck of a receiver for them.

Lower scoring but entertaining game.

I counted Ray down a lot last night!! a lot of hurried throws and misses. The Lions shut him and the Argos down.
The Argos didn't look good at all last night. I didn't think that Jennings looked too good either.

Agreed, he's a work in progress. Calgary in the playoff season seem to be his Kryptonite.

Jennings is a bit of a slow starter. He'll be fine before too long. Remember it's only his 2nd year as a full-time starter. Right now, Jennings is seeing a lot of press man coverage with two deep safeties, forcing Arceneaux and Burnham to the middle of a clogged field. They'll do better when deep threat Chris Williams is inserted to stretch the field.

Jonathon Jennings is the best pure long ball passer I've seen in Lions history. And I've been following this team since the days of Paul Brothers and Don Moorhead. That's a lot of quarterbacks!

:oops: :oops: not only for the Argos, but for the CFL.

I asked this in the 10,000 thread.

How long can this go on before we end up with 8 teams again ?

I got :roll: and :thdn: like I was out of my mind.

We need to face reality. This Argo situation is beyond FKN serious.

Hopefully it'll pick up late summer , it usually gets better then

Disappointing game after the opening week, in some ways deja vu to last year all over again.
Ricky looked uncomfortable, was pressured too many times as the Lions gave him different looks and some of his throws were bad, don't know how many skipped and were plain awful.
I have to believe something is wrong with his shoulder again as the crisp accurate passes from the opener were simply missing.
Like most have said, Wilder is not an east west slasher, has to be north and south downhill type.
The D was brutal especially on the back end as the Lions receivers controlled the middle and the lines on many throws in fact there were a few dropped bombs from Jennings.
It's got to be back to the drawing board for Trestman and so far thankfully the East appears to be again the much weaker division so there is hope.

Agree ArgoT, Buono and Co. exposed the Argos in this game and as you say, maybe Ray isn't as healthy as some might have thought. Lions confused him in so many ways.

Nothing is boring in an 18 game schedule to see who will win Lord Grey's national championship mug, each game is important in such a limited number of games even if the games might seem "boring". The outcome of each is crucial, unlike baseball with so many games you can afford to throw away games and be able to make them up. Not in football.

Both Friday night games were very boring. No rhythm at all to either. Lots of dropped passes. Posey has dropped passes in the endzone two games in a row. Was hard to keep my eyes open.

Sure you weren't watching 162 game baseball games my friend? Hey, not every CFL game might be pleasing from an aesthetic point of view but every game is so much more important because of an 18 game sched compared with 162 or whatever they play these days in baseball. Baseball can get really boring to watch knowing a single game doesn't have the meaning it has in an 18 game sched.

My point of view anyways. But then I love football. Hey, I'd say the same if 0 people were in the stands for every CFL game and Skydump, er RC, was packed with 50,000 for every game for the Blue Jays. Baseball is just more or less boring for me as a rule compared with football.

And by giving up the single you gain field position to start the first drive saving time for a second drive. Two converted TDs put it into OT.

Giving up the single was the smart play and a typical rookie mistake by an American not accustomed to the Canadian game.