Lions @ Argo's

Well it's the Braley Bowl, The BC Lions at Toronto Argo's in this Sunday Night CFL Football Game, who do the fans pick, will it be another win for Lions or does Toronto add to it's lead of the Eastern Basement Division?

I pick BC Lions 24 to 17 over the Argo-Nots

Sunday Night Football :rockin:

The Argos are going to beat the over confident Lions!!

Looks like they might get well over 20,000 tonight. Ticket sales looked much better than other games

The issue with teams whose tickets are not in high demand is always how many of the tickets are full price, how many are discounted/promos and how many are freebies.

Butts in seats is always a bit misleading. Ottawa 67s for example for many years had an average attendance of 8500-ish but a huge proportion were freebies or tied to promos (discounted sales to sponsors for giveaways), mostly focused on kids. Of course kids at a hockey game produce means lots of concessions and merchandise revenue, so it was a smart/brilliant approach. It also made the 67s more of an in-demand ticket, as posed to a walks-up, game day decision scenario.

All Lions early. Command Centre messes up another Pass interference challenge. Lions player was clearly early, and the command centre upholds call of no PI. Forces the Argos to punt and Tim Brown brings it back 60 yards and leads to an easy TD.

I think the PI challenges have been a failed experiment so far.

Surprised to see Lulay into the game and they call a QB run as the first play. Wonder how much we'll see from Travis tonight.

Could be Command Center doesn’t want to make the Officials look any worse than they are.
The hit came early and should have been called.

I know I said I don't like the injury excuse, but they were saying earlier that Ray's thrown to 18 different receivers. Stop and think about that for a minute. That is beyond ridiculous. I can't wrap my head around that. Kudos to them for being 3-4.

Argos are back into the game now. They've played well defensively.

The Argos D is keeping them in the game, but the o-line is playing like crap.

I wish Suitor and Cuthbert would stop the love affair about how many tackles Elimimian has. They of all people should know that tackles are meaningless, especially when they've mentioned his name a couple of times about making a tackle after the Argo's have gained a first down on the play.

I don't know if there's a more over rated defensive player in all of the CFL. He makes some big hits, he makes some illegal hits, and he's caught of position a whole bunch as well.

Huge TD after a silly penalty extends the drive, Argos up 17-13.

They’re starting to sound like Rod Black.

And now he’s explaining to young kids how to play like Elimimian. “Now kids, make sure that you lower and lead with your head on every hit so that you concuss and end as many players careers as you can”.

Some embarrassing tackling on that drive. Goodnight, Toronto.

Yup, didn't take the Lions long to respond. Special teams killing them tonight, and some sloppy tackling as the game has gone on.

The team with 4 days rest suddenly can't tackle in the 4th quarter. Where have I seen this before? The CFL needs to somehow get rid of these games where teams have to play on such short rest.


Meh. They're professional athletes getting paid big money to play a sport. It's like LeBron James crying about how they need more days off before and after the All-Star break. Suck it up, princess.