Lions - Argos Predictions

35 - 19 Lions

42 - 21 Toronto

B.C. Has no offensive lime and a Rookie Q.B. but Jamal Robertson will be motivated against his former team.

35-24 TO
Lulay will not be able to read the Argo's D gets sacked a lot , Toronto being able to stop the run . 2 td's by Geroy on long balls due to blown coverage. and one special team run for a TD .

This game will have a lot of mistakes, the Argos are a better team his year got a little lucky against the stamps.

were as the lions even with lullay in there are still not that good of a team. too many holes.

I say BC 20 TORONTO 27

BC has a chance, the line has to play better and that WILL dictate the game. Robertson will be motivated and Lulay is better than Printers, so hopefully Armstrong and Simon can get open and balls their way...

I think we have seen a Lion team that hasn't played to their potential and an Argo team that may be playing a bit above theirs.

Lions take this one but it is close. We go down early and claw back to win it in the last minutes of the game punching it in from the one with a big push form Angus....yeah babay!

Lions 28 Argos 24

I think the Lions D is better than than some of you guys give it credit for. They held Edmonton to only 10 points and Montreal to only 16 [no TD's in that game].

If the Lions O line problems have not been solved I think the game will be a low scoring affair but with the LIons coming out on top if...and it's a big IF.....they can put a couple of TD's together. On the flip side I can also see Toronto not needing many points to win.

It's great to see Lulay have a chance to start and even better that it is against Toronto. As far as I'm concerned the jury is still out on Toronto. They may be a "much" improved or simply an improved team. This is a real chance for the Lions' O Line to get the monkey off its back and prove that it is much better than fans think.

With Printers out, the O Line has all the more reason to come up big this game and provide the much needed protection for its QB. If Lulay goes down as has happened in the past, that leaves Jackson at the helm and from reports he is still not 100%. Yikes.

My guess is that Travis will be a bit tentative at first, and not be very productive. It will take time for him to get over his nervousness and get into a rhythm. Toronto comes into this game with some confidence. I think they’ll take it to the Lions in the first half, but our D will hold them to 17 points. BC will be held to 2 field goals. BC will start to come on stronger midway into the 3rd quarter, and turn it on in the fourth - 3 TD’s in the 2nd half, and in the end only allow TO another field goal. The final score will be BC = 27, Toronto = 20.

Excellent call Dupsdell. You were almost bang on with your prediction. Wow! You were right about the mistakes too. And there were plenty on both sides of the ball. Congrats!

Wtf was Chapdelaine thinking in the final five minutes of the game allowing Lulay to throw the ball downfield instead of pounding the rock on the ground and forcing the Argo offense to actually, you know, put together a TD drive to beat you guys?

I am flabbergasted that Lulay’s primary read in that late-game situation was a wide-side out to a receiver being covered by Byron Parker of all people. Who exactly thought it was a good idea to have a young QB with virtually no real CFL experience float a pass out to a side of the field manned by a corner who has made his living by baiting QBs with far more experience than Lulay into throwing balls they shouldn’t throw?

Minus the red-zone fumble, Robertson had been running the ball pretty well all night, yet in the fourth quarter, precisely when you need a power back to crash through the line, wear down the defense, and run out the clock to protect your lead, Chapdelaine suddenly turns to the passing game. Baffling.

This was a game the Lions could have and should have won, were it not for the offensive coordinator.

"What was Chapdelaine thinking in the final five minutes of the game allowing Lulay to throw the ball downfield instead of pounding the rock on the ground and forcing the Argo offense to actually, you know, put together a TD drive to beat you guys?" by D&P

Exactly my sentiments. The Lions' D was playing so well. If the Offensive didn't get the 1st down, then boot the living daylights out of the ball and force Toronto to earn the points. Even if Toronto scored a field goal it would have only tied the game. The Lions would have still had the ball one more time. What a bonehead play. But regardless, even after Toronto went up 24-20, the Lions still had a chance to put the game away.

Yeah, Jacques seems to have tunnel vision sometimes and forgets what resources other than receivers are available to him.
It was way too predictable for the TO defense to read. By the time the 4th quarter rolled around, they had him complely figured out. About time Wally had a chat with Chappy.