lions argo start time june 28

Is this a joke or what..
STarting time for the lions argo game thursday is 3:30 pdt. Iknow i for one will be working as well as alot of other people and will be unable to watch game live....yeah yeah i know i could tape it and become a hermit for the rest of the day, but to have such an early start on a week day is pathetic im surprised ackles and company didnt put up a protest
another sign this league is run by the eastern ........ (something a former premier said)

total crap...I'll be at work too. Why so early?

Idiotic, simply idiotic. In a gate-driven league, this makes no sense to me at all (and I'm an easterner).

To gripe that it is because the league is east biased is a little off base considering how when we get games at BC they start at 7:30. That means easterners get to start watching their team play at 10:30. No doubt some of them don't like that either if they got to work the next day.

Having said that , 3:30 here is a 6:30 start in TO so that is wrong and screws up a lot of people who don't get home that early , including me.

I think its to accomodate a double header for TSN. Isn't WInnipeg Edmonton the second game?

Sportsmen is right.

And I agree with pennw as well - it is silly to complain about a team starting a home game at 6:30pm their time. It's a bit early but not outrageous, and it certainly makes sense given the double header. I'd rather tape the game and watch it at 7pm than have to wait until 10:30pm just for kick off.

Ill use a portable radio at work, discreet enough to go un-noticed by the average Bossman. You'll enjoy the taped version, it wont be that bad.

That is 6:30 in Toronto, 5:30 CST (my time zone). To watch the average Lions home game, I start watching at 9:30 (7:30 PST). I don't think it's that big a deal if they want to start at 6:30 local...

Hey works for me... now I can see the game before I have to catch my flight.

I agree that a 3:30 start for the west coast is not the best idea but its no better for us folks in the east when you start at 8:00PM, especially when you are playing an eastern team.

I’m sure this was done so they could have a double header but they could just as easily put the double header on Friday.

Now to say that the league is run by the east is scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to whining.

Doesn't matter to me, high-def PVR, and I can watch the game any time I want to...of course, I work from home, so it isn't a problem for me to watch the game live...


I have a HD PVR as well but I have never been able to watch a recorded sports event.

If I get home late I am able to flip through the commercials and what not untill I catch up to the live play but to watch an entire recorded game......Cant do it