Lions aren't cry babies

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He is right!

But, but, but...ro1313 said the Lions are cry-babies, whiners and thugs, and so are their fans. So doesn't that make it true?!

What Dave Says is true? But he may have forgotten early Wally did complain a bit but who wouldn't when you start losing your QB's. Yes that play where Buck was hit is exactly the same as the one on Burris and both should have been called no doubt about it.

Interesting that people are adamant about player injuries ONLY when it happens to THEIR team. I don't see other team's fans defending the position USUALLY!

Interesting that 05 would make a post that essentially says the Stamps are whiners....didn't think you had it in you.

Anyway, maybe this Eric guy thinks the Leos don't whine, but he sure does:

Not that Dickenson is looking to spark a war of words it's just that the 34-year-old Lions leader finds it a touchy subject as he has spent the last few months dealing with post-concussion symptoms that came courtesy of [b]a far more questionable and violent hit than the one delivered on Burris last week[/b].

When I saw the hit on Burris, I was very surprised that it didn't get called...I thought the Cats were very lucky on that play.

There was no head shot, it wasnt below the
knees. He did what any good linebacker
would, hit him while he's down and out of bounds, to let him know he's there.

Not like he had any success catching Burris
on his feet, while in play.

It also depends on "Convenience" to your personal team too!

Go to the Rider have one of your own using the Davis, Dominguez injuries as excuses.

Remember how every one jumped all over RLR..... :roll:

Yes, but Sportsmen can you blame them? I mean Dominguez was the leading receiver in the league when he got hurt... of course that will effect the Riders production and success. DD is just a QB who the Lions should have planned around as everyone who follows the CFL new he would be out with a concusion for much of the season before the season started =) I kid.... sort of.

Go Riders!!

Actually Dr. Rise, I will cut Calgary more slack regarding QBs. At least Wally had Pierce and Jackson. Akili Smith needs to step up and prove himself.

Hey, anything can happen in the CFL. Maybe on Sunday we'll be on this forum raving about the All-Star numbers Akili Smith put up in Calgary's victory.

Part of RLRs difficulties arise from the fact he insists JJ is as good as most of the starters in the league.
If that is the truth of the situation, then in fact, losing DD and Buck should have little to no impact upon BC.
At the beginning of the season, Buck was being touted by some as the second best QB in the league, behind only DD (some think he might be better). So if that is true, then losing DD clearly has no impact.

The other problem RLR has with injuries, is his belief that every player the Lions lose is a hall of famer and league MVP, while the players other teams lose are just doormatts who couldn't be the waterboy for the Lions, so who cares if they get hurt.
I well recall being told that every single member of the Lion defensive backfield was better than Eddie Davis....

Those are just a few of the many, many reasons why when it comes to RLR and injuries, he has no credibility.

Unlike most rider fans I can admit one I can be wrong and two that I can be critical of my team with out losing sleep Arius. You and your pet MIke should try it some time.

Sporty you know this does not apply to rider fans :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I have yet to see one that would admit they are wrong or be critical to their team. Sorry Sambo I believe has.

Dr Rise I am suprised by your post really. QB's is a position that is diffcult to replace vs a receiver. Yes Matt is a good receiver and the guy that replaces him may or man not be as good but he still can catch a ball. Where as a QB does not or will not have the timing down with the receivers as much as the incumbent QB. Sad but true.

Its not the Lions that are the crybabies (Buono being a noted exception), its about 3 or 4 who post here that are the problem..

This post is proof that your opinion is based and biased do the fact of RLR and nothing more.

This post is proof that your opinion is based and biased do the fact of RLR and nothing more.
I don't actually understand that sentence, but I am sure you are right, 05....

Wow I must have been drinking with that sentence and now a few hours later what the heck was it I was saying. :lol: :lol: Let me take a stab at it. I think the fact you dislike RLR this taints your ability to be unbiased in your posts. RLR is not angel but I truly feel he is toying with you. And you are being owned by him. IMO.

No, it was late & out of bounds, which is why it should have been called.. which you yourself stated above.