lions are human after all

Wow I thought the lions might go undefeated this year that would have been cool. But the mighty esks stop that. I would have liked to see them go 18-0 but i guess 17-1 is good too. Just hope my ticats can win a few more. Get raid of Danny Mac, Keeping the CFL strong in Korea:) All of my students can name all the cfl teams. Its pretty funny hearing them shout as loud as they can the teams. They can't say alouettes that well. Its no next weeks test. hehehe.


That is great to hear a CFL fan spearing the woad, but why did you post that link, SC?

I'd like to hear the sound bites of your students trying to say the CFL teams names! 8)


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Now I don;t think that BC can go 17-1 they have struggled alot to keep their win streak barely taking out montreal and sasketchwan. And well the Season isn't near over, I think that the riders will get some venagance and take back the game they lost. the Blue Bombers Are getting alot better and will give BC a run for the money, I am guessing that BC will go around 15-3. As for danny MAc he is old but not washed up just yet. The hamilton ti-cats play the deep ball alot, and that is where alot of problems arew happening, get a better short yards game and Danny would do much better.

The Cats problem is that on 2nd and 8, they throw a 4-yard pass to a guy with no blocking. Even if he manages to fight for another 2 yards, we're still punting.

Every other team that needs 8 yards on 2nd down will throw a 10-yard pass. Even if the receiver has to come back two yards for it, they'll still get the first, or be close enough to gamble on third.

That's why even when McManus has a good game, and completes 60% of his passes, the yardage is always low and there aren't many first downs.

[quote="Kanga-Kucha"]That is great to hear a CFL fan spearing the woad.....'re cracking me up again. :smiley: I know you mean spreading the word. You have a language all your own buddy and I am a student of the new lingo.