Lions announce Ryan Phillips as DC; six assistant coaches return

VANCOUVER — Lions co-GM and head coach Rick Campbell announced on Wednesday that Ryan Phillips has been named defensive coordinator and six more of his assistant coaches will return to the sidelines in 2022.

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Appears Rick Campbell will be back and be given a chance to earn an extension. I'll be surprised if he is extended this off season and he was going to get paid anyway so may as well give him a shot.

Personally don't think he has it but wish the best for the team. Always easy to bring everyone back and to be a nice person. Maksymyk in particular was criticized. Ryan Phillips is happy to make coordinator and will not be making big money.

Seems similar to how Ottawa did it.

Not really thrilled that Campbell is back but it's Yanowsky I'm concerned about. Putting rookie Woods into his first game late in the season, resulting in two penalties by the the player in the same play seems careless and had a huge impact on the game.