Lions announce Rourke to require foot surgery

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions have released the following statement on the condition of quarterback Nathan Rourke‘s foot injury:

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Bad break for Rourke & the Lions. Hope he gets back soon. Key injuries always impact a team's season so we'll see how it goes with BC now. Still a very good D. I'm interested to see if another CDN QB takes advantage of his opportunity. Certainly the year of the National QB.

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Tough blow for Nathan!
Hopefully back soon!

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What a shame. Recovery from this kind of surgery typically takes months... not weeks.


From Farhan Lalji:

The club is preparing not to have Rourke for the season, but is hopeful for a chance of a late Oct return. That it’s a sprain & not a fracture has them hopeful. Knew this was going to be long term yesterday, the only question was whether to have surgery now or after the season.

Having surgery now was the best decision for Rourke’s long term health, something @BCLions didn’t want to compromise. Obv this will impact what happens this off-season re NFL. Michael O’Connor will be the starter this Fri vs #Riders.


Prior to the season the Lions always said they had a good Canadian quarterback duo. Now we will see. Good luck Michael and best wishes Nathan.


Bad for the whole league when a special player like Rourke goes down with a long-term injury. Hope he's back soon, just not when BC is facing my Als! :stuck_out_tongue:


Just like that Calgary has to be favored to finish 2nd

Quite a loss for BC Lions; unfortunate for Nathan. Will most probably have an impact on their future results, although they have talented players, but without their top QB it should be difficult.


Calgary doesn't look that impressive. Barely got by Ottawa with a zero Ottawa offense and barely got by Toronto. I think BC will finish 2nd.


BC are only one game behind Winnipeg. First place is still within their reach, though it will be difficult now with Rourke out.

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I feel bad for Rourke. He was a real bright spot in the CFL this year. For anyone else wondering what it is or how such an injury happens (I had no clue what they meant) I did little research.


A low-energy Lisfranc injury can happen with a simple twist and fall. It is also commonly seen in football and soccer players when one player lands on the back of another player's foot while the foot is flexed downward in the push-off position.

Lisfranc injuries can occur in football or soccer when one player lands on the back of another player's foot while the foot is flexed downward in the push-off position.

They also say recovery from the surgery is 3 to 6 months, much longer without surgery.

All the best to Nathan and hoping for a speedy recovery.


Had that exact same injury... But from a cat tripping me going down a flight of stairs... Took a year before I could walk and run without pain


What happened to the cat?


Very sad day for BC & CFL overall, a super bright light shone on the best start by a young Canadian QB, he dominated in games while presenting himself very respectfully, a real gem.


Very sad news ! Hoping for a fast recovery to Nathan as I can't help feel that BC needs him to have a decent chance of getting to the Grey Cup. I hope Michael O'Connor can successfully take up the reigns and keep the Lions in the race. We need a different Champion this year. The Lions are our best chance of that. Besides both QBs are Canadian, so that is even more reason

Number of QB's who sustained season-ending injuries from the Riders - 2
Number of QB's who sustained season-ending injuries from the other eight - 0

And your point is?

If I may interject, the CFL needs a good/great story to build fan support, BC and the Canadian kid is certainly one, a 3pete for Winnipeg is also another good one, Elks or starting to get traction going from last to the Cup could be another good one, Calgary backup QB winning GC is another good one. The CFL needs good year & a better playoffs though tough to beat the 2021 playoffs, IMHO all 2021 playoffs games were superb

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I like to point out odd stats.

Farhan Lalji: I always felt that if Nathan went to the NFL next year that (Kevin) Thompson would have had a real chance to start for BC in 2023

Jeff Hamilton: BC will just trade for Bo, no?

Farhan Lalji: This year? No chance.