Lions and Stamps and Wally's last regular season game .

Getting it started .

Burnham looking good… Lulay just overthrew resulting in an interception. Here’s to hoping that’s the only one :-X

Really want this one for Wally.

Looks like a good crowd out for the last game . Great to see the seats occupied .

Nice stop by the Lions on the last drive .

…Matthews is a beast of a receiver…

Stamps playing with bruised egos tonight via the last few weeks. They look like they mean business…

Lions better git their claws out >:(

Some day we’re gonna have to discuss that moon theory of yours ;D

Nice tribute by Marv Levy .

…that’s terrible karma there soccer boy…

…is there a full one tonight?

I agree with Suitor that punter embellishments should result in a penalty, and that the eye or command centre should be able to review without requiring a challenge flag.

Can’t really agree with his suggestion that the punter should get a red card, since there is no such thing in football. But I definitely think he should lose his man card.

Was this drama queen really BC’s MOP nominee?

It’s raining Noah’s Ark style in Prince George tonight and I can’t even see the moon. …As the leos ship has taken on considerable water into the half.

I was sorta rooting for the Lions only for the sake of seeing Wally get a win for his last-ever regular season game at home. But after that shameless soccer drama act by Ty Long I have done a 180. I wish there was a mechanism to penalize a team for this sort of rubbish. But I guess a TD will do for now. Karma sucks don’t it Mr. Long?

Go Stamps!

Lions are throwing this game. :wink:

yeah, the ole lets lose one for the Gipper :slight_smile:

Well st least they got themselves on the scoreboard in the 3rd and scored a TD in the fourth.

oh yeah baby. think I will celebrate with a bottle of white wine :slight_smile: