Lions and Riders

Lets see what Printers can do...

All right, time for the real game! :smiley:

Printers is back. Should be interesting.

If BC shows up and Printers delivers...a BC win else the win streak stalls


Turnover on downs but I like the call.

Printers right into the fire, I like the call too.

Printers to Simon.....nice!

Geez look at Printers dancing back there.
He's gotta luv Geroy.

Yup, Printers looks composed,

First blood! So far, Printers looks good considering all the rust he should have. We'll see how the game goes...

Riders have to plug middle on Mallett and Harris. take away the run options.

Durant, is dancing , doesn't look comfortable in pocket.

Awesome, force Printers to throw.

BC should have gave up the safety there

Well, that was a stupid throw by Durant... What the hell was he thinking? Talk about forcing the issue. He should've thrown the ball away...

We will take it...thank you

TSN or the local cable is really starting to tick me off :oops: the games been frozen for over 5 mins on my screen,I live in the Peg,no need to blackout this game arggghhhh!

Have had no problem with TSN here on my StarChoice.

Have you tried Justin TV

Its back now.HOLY! I lost 10 min's of game action.