Wednesday, September 14, 2005 - 06:05PM

VANCOUVER, B.C, SEPTEMBER 14, 2005 –The BC Lions and BC Place Stadium are joining forces to help raise funds for victims of Hurricane Katrina. The team announced that two dollars from every ticket sold between Thursday, September 14th until kick-off on Saturday September 17th will go towards Red Cross Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

“We are very pleased to be partnering up with BC Place Stadium on something both of our organizations feel is important,� said BC Lions President and CEO Bob Ackles. “We are confident that our fans will help us support this significant initiative.�

“Community is at the heart of BC Place Stadium. That is why we are reaching out to help the people whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Katrina,� says BC Place Stadium General Manager Howard Crosley. “We know our fans will be just as committed as we are to helping those in need.�

Quarterback Dave Dickenson is encouraging the fans to come out and cheer him on as he has committed $500 to the Hurricane Katrina relief fund for every touchdown pass he completes during the Montreal game.

In addition, game night sponsor, RONA will have employees collecting donations at various locations within BC Place for the Red Cross Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

Vancouver Firefighters will also be hosting the Save-On-Foods Barbeque at the Lions Street Party prior to the game and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Hurricane Katrina victims. The Street Party kicks off at 5:00pm at the corner of Robson and Beatty.

Great to see this happening.
But I have a better idea for the lions. Everytime their qb's get hurt its 500 for Katrina relief :smiley:

and $1000 for everytime a Lions' QB gets hurt while throwing a TD pass.

or how about $1000 every time the lions win

roaring lion, I think that’d be another $8000 donated :wink: Might get a little expensive if we go by wins…

i love the way your thinking R.L.R :smiley:

thanks roaring lion, I love the way I think too :stuck_out_tongue: How old are you roaring lion? Are you male or female?

im a guy, and im 16. what about yourself?

Male and 21. Have lived in Vancouver all my life and now go to university in Ontario. I was home for the summer though, and went to many Leos games. I also drive down to the games within distance (Argos). I flew into town last year when we were playing the Riders for the Western Final. I had row 3 at the 55 yard line. It was well worth it!

i have shamefully never been to a lions game :cry:, my sister gets to go to the game this saturday and im so jealous. hopefully i'll get to go to a game soon.

Go to a game soon. They are relatively inexpensive to go to, and tons of fun. They are expecting 35-40,000 to the game this Saturday.

Way to go! VANCOUVER! New O needs all the help it can get!

Long live this great league, the CFL and the Lions!


BC Lion & Fans, Very classy. 8)

Als Fan


Why isn't every team doing something like this?