Lions/Als Predictions

...started the season as the #3 guy, but he is a bonafide #2 now with DD on the shelf, um, FOREVER....Brady #2, Jackson #2...battle of the twos...

Gonna be a great game.

"I'm sick and tired of losing to this team"
-Anthony Calvillo

Jarius looks more comfortable out there today. Hopefully he keeps this up.




It's the Jarius Jackson and Corey Rodgers show!

Go Als…stop the run and win the game.

Interesting reffing so far this game.

So why blow the play dead refs???

Let it go, then review it!!!!

Geroy still *****!

Fixed it for you. :wink:

So much for my record 20 TDs... Thanks a lot Lions. I've now lost all respect for you guys!

wow...marcus brady can play football...who knew?

the lions didnt even show up for this game.

...thanks Als, even though I blew my VGCC pick the leos are only one game ahead of my boys....

Now if SSK that beat WPG again…Mtl moves into first!

Oh...they showed up..

but so did the Als.

Brady seems determined to prove that he has waited long enough to be the starter and Maas can ride the pine for a while.

That just might happen!

Yeah... I need a Winnipeg win today so the weekend isn't a total write-off.

But the good news for me is Payton had 119 yards and 3 TDs, and I have him on in the Huddle.

I would be terribly insulted if Jim Popp played Jason Maas next week.

Brady played like Calvillo failed to all year long. He did not overthrew his recievers. He did not get rid of the ball in risky situations. He escaped the near-sacks. He was precise and could complete the long ones. Ihave only one thing to say:


LOL hey RLR, you have anymore idiot comments to make?