Lions/Als Predictions

Marcus Brady versus Jarius Jackson. #2 versus #3. Who wins in the rematch? Do the Als finally get their revenge, or do the Lions continue their dominance of the Alouettes?

We slammed Calvillo by 30+ at home, I'm thinking a road win against Marcus Brady isn't out of the question.

Lions win 27-20.

lions 50-0

I'd say 34-20 in the Lions favor if Brady is the starter and plays the whole game

I'd be tempted to actually call it closer if Maas lights himself a fire and crams some of the playbook in before tomorrow to be able to come in at relief for Brady if he can't manage the game; its not like the guy didn't take his share of hits in steeltown, and he has a new motive to play hard; namely to show his detractors in Hamilton that he's much better than his former teams' record and his seeming lack of composure at times indicates.

Don't be stupid...

Lions win 140-0, and set a new record for most points scored by a team, and a new record for most TDs, 20.

And if they don't, I'll lose all respect for them!!

Go Leos!!

The lions will prob win tomorrow but even still, The sun will rise, Taxes will remain unchanged and I will still have to go to work on Monday.

If the Lions do happen to lose tomorrow, RLR will take a week of off work/school to get over the Leos loss.

Since I predicted an Als win last week, and the Lions blew them out, I changed my thinking process and picked the Lions this week.

Of course this means Montreal will win 34-10.

Leos win, but it won't be another blowout.

sorry...the second half of my post didnt show up.

i meant to say:

lions 50-0 after 1 quarter

Lions 200-0 final

No, Chief is right.
You are forgetting that BC will likely suffer about another dozen injuries, so the game will be close...

Arius is right. The Leos have more injuries than all the other teams in the league combined, so you have to subtract a few TDs on account of that... but only a few because their back-up guys are good enough to start on other teams... just not the Leos...

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So is being a mod your part-time job?

"job" implies some form of payment....

As much as I want my Als to pull out a win, it's not happening. B.C. wins a close game, made closer because we'll have Strickland, Ellis, and Romero back so hopefully our run D won't be pitiful like it was last week.

With Guidugli and Sankey signed and Dickenson out for the season, I think it is safe to say that Jackson has moved up on the Depth chart.

I have trouble deciding who will win this one.

Which probably means I should bet on the Lions. Although I am sure that The Als will playing hard for a win (not as if to imply that teams don't always play hard for wins).

He sure has but he is still the Lions #3 guy.

Montreal is due to beat BC which scares me a bit. As long as Joe Smith has his usual game, Jarius won't have to do anything special to win this one.

I like the fact that the Lions are unbeaten on the road. I also love our defence. However, in the CFL especially, you never know what's going to happen.

Lions by 7.

Battle of the backups on the Plains of Abraham, the big Toil on Mount Royal, Jim Popp(off) vs Murph and Himenez...gots to give the nod to THE LIONS!


BC might return to first place if 2 games go as expected. Hard to find reasons in favor of Montreal. BC has better defense, offense and apecial teams. Also BC has beaten Montreal in 12 of 13 previous games.