Lions-Als post-game thread

Forgive me, I'm a little tired from cheering so much under the Dome tonight. Props to the crowd of over 32,000 on giving the Lions dome-field advantage tonight. Montreal simply cannot win in BC Place, last time was 7 years ago.

Joe Smith, what can I say. An epic performance. This may have been the most dominant offensive line performance I've seen in a long, long time. This was a masterful running attack combined with blocking. Over 280 yards on the ground, I really don't want to hear what Montreal's defensive coordinator had to say after this one.

Jarius played ok, not great not bad. Tough to expect much more from a QB making his second career CFL start. Gino played a solid game, looked like a season vet in the pocket.

I actually feel badly for Montreal. They started off really well, had me really worried. You know things are going poorly when the opposing team is resting their third string QB when the game is out of reach.

All in all, great game, great crowd, I'm glad the guys pulled through tonight.

Also mad props to Cam Wake and Tad Crawford were great, same with Ryan Phillips. Ian Smart too. Honestly I could name the whole team for player of the game.

I honestly didn't think this game would be such a blow-out, but this was a massacre. I'd be scared to think how much worse it could have gotten with Dickenson in the pocket, or Pierce for that matter.

i believe the leos pointed out some glaring weaknesses in the Als last they were even fighting among themselves on the bench after that embarassment...Lions, on the other hand ,looked like they got their act together for this one...i knew it was all over when i watched Wally down that bottle of gatorade at the bench...and he wasn't squinting....Congrats leos ...good game.. finally.... are all the hats Popp is wearing getting to be too much....poorly coached game when no adjustment was made for the leos run game... :roll:

I agree papa, Popp should give up some of his duties, especially as head coach, he is proving that he is in over his head trying to coach the Als.
As for BC they finally wised up and used their best weapon it seems, the running game. If Smith can be that effective for them, then they should win their fair share of games, and RLR, your team won despite key guys being injured-- a sign of a good team.

This one came down to the trenches, where the Leos were most dominant. The fabric of all good teams starts with the lines and the Als just aren't quite there yet.

The Al's got thoroughly smashed last night. That was something I really did not expect, with us using our 3rd string QB, and how horrid his last game was, I was expecting, at best, a tight game. To see the Al's blown out so

The Al's need a new O-line, their O-line was so porous last night, we had what, 6 sacks? Not as bad as last year's game, but pretty bad nonetheless.

The Leos came in hungry, and they feasted.

There are a lot of issues with the Als. They looked good the last few games playing really bad or hurt teams but against the strong BC defence we really can see where the Als are at as a team.

1-Bellefeuille's offense sucks causing Calvillo to hang on to the ball too long.

2- Calvillo's mechanics are a mess. His accuracy above 15 yards is terrible.

3-Oline is aging (too slow)or poorly coached or all of the above.

4- Linebacker core the weakest in the LEAGUE.

5-While Popp is playing head coach. Als still haven't fixed their middle linebacker problem.


"3 - Oline is aging (too slow)..."

Jeez, I think they aged a lot last night and in a hurry too (just kidding, I know what you mean and you're probably right).

I don't think I've ever seen a D-Line like Montreal's get manhandled as much as they did last night. The difference in the game was in the trenches, and the Lions O-Line put on an absolutely dominant performance. I was a little worried with Rob Murphy playing at 50%, but he still had a very strong outing.

Can't wait for the other Labour Day games this weekend!

[quote="RoarLionsRoar"]Forgive me, I'm a little tired from cheering so much under the Dome tonight. Props to the crowd of over 32,000 on giving the Lions dome-field advantage tonight. Montreal simply cannot win in BC Place, last time was 7 years ago.

the thing to consider is how late this game was for Montreal ... These boys bodies are not conditioned to play football at 2 am. Their fading in the second half was predictable. And believe me Iam no Montreal fan

Using that excuse is like using the injury excuse. Maybe Als should have flown in a few days earlier. Just a thought, don't know how it works when it comes to financials.

Montreal has been badly outscored in the second halves in most games this year.

Timezones are a factor in any game, and it is all part of the "homefield" advantage.
Some teams do try flying in early, but then that disrupts their routine in so many other ways, it likely does little good.
And as the affects of "jet lag" are very individual, some teams are affected by it more than others.
But like everything else, you either learn to deal with it, or suffer the consequences.
But it isn't an excuse for losing.

Losing on the road to a good team isn't a problem. Its the way they lost. They were dominated physicaly, there was no positive communication between Coach,staff and players. No adjustments. There is a lack of talent at some positions especially at linebacker position and lack of strenght on Dline. On offense they aren't buying Bellefeuille's schemes.

Watkins was 4 for 20 yards ! That's a disgrace IMO.

Every Game I have seen Jarious Jackson in this year he has looked potentially dangerous. His arm is strong and he knows the offense just as good as athe two QBs ahead of him.

I think the injuries that the Lions currently have far outweigh the 'timezone factor' that fans are using as an excuse to why the Als lost by 32 points.

Are you serious? You won the game, and still you use the injury card! Be happy your team won, and in convincing fashion, and stop with the crybaby injury excuse! You have to be the biggest whiner in any of the CFL forums.

Do they make reading glasses in Saskatchewan? Read what I wrote. The timezone excuse is bullshit. The better team one, by a large amount, with a lot of injuries. I don't need an excuse, we won. Jesus Christ, I wasn't even talking to you. Other people complain, it's ok. I say something, it's a big fucking deal. Suck it and enjoy second place.

So glad to have ya back... :roll:

You are still using it as an excuse, even when you win. How about saying how well Smith and Smart played in the game? How about stating how the oline opened up the holes for those two players to have big games along the ground? There are plenty of things to talk about other than "injuries"! BTW--at this time tomorrow we will back in first again, and you wont see me complain about how we won despite all of the Rider injuries... :wink:

Read my first post in this thread, it was all praise. Selective reading if you ask me. KJ starting tomorrow?