Lions/Als ..Gameday

Got off work early today....I finally get to do one of these!!!!

So far it looks like the Lions got off work early too

:lol: :lol: :D

lol @ Stephen Harper confirming an election.

okay where was the illegal contact on a receiver

Aisle 3

must have been because from the replay it was a mystery call on banks like last week's call

Ole "mo" is shifting it seems...

The refs have made 4 errors tonight: the pass interference call on Boulay. The play where a BC OL had Keron Willams tied up and another BC OL slammed into his knees (intent to injure) that was a non call. Calvillo moving his old shoulders before the snap and being called for procedure. Davis Sanchez being mauled as he was in front of the BC player trying to intercept the ball, no pass interference call.

And that was only the first half! Another great ref job!

But, Calvillo looks really slow and old tonight. If the Alouettes don't start with Brady in the second half, I predict the Als will lose!!! I am going on record.

3 turnovers by the Lions. you're not gonna win many games coughing up the ball so much!!

I should

Or Tim Burke is pigheaded. His zone coverage only works against teams that have week Offensive lines. If his front four get pressure, his zone coverage works.

But, if his front four cannot get enough pressure, the opposing QB can play "pitch and catch" with his receivers. His zone coverage gives receivers a 5 yard cushion.

A smart DC, would then switch to man coverage. Especially with the talent the Als have in the secondary. But nooooo! Burke keeps the same crappy soft zone coverage.

He is either stupid, stubborn, or very stupid!

Looks like the great Ben Cahoon will not catch a pass for a 100th straight game. A shame! But, the great “Eric Deslauriers” will beat that record and become the next great Canadian receiver!

Seriously, how good a coach can Trestmann be if this guy has played half a season, sucked really bad and still have his job?
The answer is that, as good as Trestmann is at offensive football, he does not know what to do with the 12th player. Deslauriers plays the WR position on the wide side of the field (far away from the action).
Trestmann chose, or does not know what to do with that position…

BC Turnovers =

Nice grab by Richardson!

20 points off turnovers..... a recipe for disaster

Statistics are boring, can be manipulated, and can often mean nothing.
Nonetheless, here are a few:
The Als have won the most games in the CFL since their return in 1996;
Their winning percentage is above 600%;
When Glen Johnston is the ref, their winning percentage is 420%...

I believe there is a significant discrepancy...

If you do not believe me, run the numbers...

He was down… quite obvious

Guess not

...puke fest...

lions win

...bold prediction there....