Lions-Als 08-29-2008 Postgame Discussion

Okay, boys and girls. Here we go.


The team finally showed it can win the close games. They kept playing even after several disheartening changes of momentum during the game. Kudos to the whole team for not giving up even when things looked bleak.

Lots of forced turnovers. We've lagged in this category all year and it's nice to see us win the turnover battle against a ball-hawking team like the Lions.

Inspiring goal-line stand. This is about the first time this season that I've seen our D make an important short-yardage stop. Usually, the other team runs roughshod over our lightweight D-line and our smurf linebackers. This time, they dug in, despite some idiotic off-sides (Estelle's off-side was particularly galling).


Forget the injuries to Woldu and Sanchez. Our secondary was brutal the entire game, playing soft as a pillow in zone, giving those B.C. receivers 10-15 yard cushions on most any play. We'd blitz, Pierce would make his hot read, and the receiver would catch the ball in open space with no black jersey in sight. Cox and Kizer, HORRIBLE IN COVERAGE. Our corners are solid, our halfbacks suck big-time now that Drew is gone for the season. I really, really question Cody's release now.

Poor special-teams coverage lets the Lions partially block a punt that sets up a touchdown. Our usual candy-ass blocking on kick returns that leaves the returner to be swallowed up by three enemy players as soon as he takes one step with the ball. At the end of the season, I want Scott Squires fired.

Probably Calvillo's poorest game of the season, not helped by the sudden and inexplicable abandonment by Trestman/Milanovich of the quick-passing game that has made us the top offense in the league. What happened to the quick slants and out patterns that we used to such deadly effect earlier in the year? Frankly, I haven't been terribly impressed with our offense the past two weeks. Teams are starting to figure us out. Let's not do like Winnipeg did last year and nosedive down the stretch.

We all better hope to God Cobourne's not seriously injured. This entire offense runs through him.

On the positive side, I think that Richardson is showing some promises, this guy can do big plays. But I agree that overall, that was not a great game for the als, Duval is doing great but special team need some work. Many kicks were nearly blocked this evening.

Duval also consistently failed to be a good directional kicker. He's good when it's just a question of punting for distance, but chokes whenever we need him to coffin-corner a kick.

Duval is one of the best kickers in the cfl. I’d have him on my team any day.

Trestman is continuing to add and experiment you will see that pay off down the stretch. He went to Watkins 4 times and Cahoon 3 times probably because he knows what these guys can do. He is developing Richardson, Cobourne and Bratton right now.

The defense played well considering we lost Drew then Sanchez, Woldu during the game. Boulay's first real game back. Cox played well I don't understand the hatred for the guy and Kizer is a rookie, a very promising rookie.

As far as Duval he's playing great. He pinned the Lions down on they're 12 yard line late in the game and those 3 singles in the game turned out to be pretty important...

Synchronism is always a bit off coming off a by week.

I'm very proud of this team this week. This was an incredibly physical game against a very good and hungry football team and they played their hearts out. We have a real Football team!

I love it

Seems to me the main problem in the secondary was that Pierce was not pressured and so had time to make his reads. Sure losing Sanchez, Drew and then Woldu hurt; but instead of pointing fingers let's give credit where credit is due....the BC O-line kept our D line away from Pierce, and that was key.

That said, the less I see of Boulay trying play corner the happier I'll be! Woldu got burned on one play, that's to be expected for a raw rookie.

We need to find out how bad injuries hurt us. If Woldu and Sanchez can't return, then hopefully Jesse Hendrix will be ready, he gave us yeoman service on the corner last year, and I'd rather see him out there than Boulay, who was really a fish out of water trying to play corner.

Otherwise, didn't our defence look like they were trying to imitate the Toronto defence of the past several years? Bend (a lot), but don't break, and goal line stand to win the thing at the end. Right out of Rich Stubler's playbook.

Just don't do it that way again, gang, my old ticker can't take much more of that!

Did you see Trestman after the game...he was in SHOCK! Funny to see.

Boulay is actually a great cornerback he just had no preparation. Boulay on corner with Proux at safety is a good combo if Sanchez is going to need some healing time...

Woldu is not a big guy but man did he show some poise on that interception both on the catch and the run back. Popp is a recruiting genious. This guy was nowhere on the draft boards but he saw something.

Think about this. Emry and Woldu two rooks right out of the CIS were responsible for two forced turnovers converted in to 10 points...


I don't blame Woldu at all for being burned. He's a rookie playing against Geroy Simon, one of the top receivers in the league. And he showed nice poise on that pick.

However, the reason I can't stand Cox is because he can't cover. Seriously. He is getting beaten constantly this season and never seems able to make a play when we need it. Kizer, for all his supposed talent, is just lost, especially at the inside halfback position. It was especially clear to me on a few replays where he was out of position, leaving a B.C. free to slip behind coverage and make an easy catch. Heck, Estelle's interception came because HE broke off his coverage assignment, read Pierce's eyes, and came up to make a play on the man Kizer was supposed to be covering.

Hf, Duval's three extra points had no impact on the game, since the final score was 30-25. In fact, if he had done his job properly and aimed for the corners, the game might not have come down to the final frickin play of the game. Three times.

As for our D, giving up 500 yards of offense is not how you win games. I do give credit to the Lions' O-line for a strong performance, but I thought our coverage was ridiculously soft. Not once during a blitz did our DBs step up and knock down a pass.

The 5 turnovers were the plus allowing the Als to win this game- the tacklers, of course, made those BC turnovers. Buck Pierce is a good QB- play action, pass and run. He should be a fixture for BC at QB for the rest of the seson.
Suitor explained well the reason for all the motion we often see in the offensive backfield. Evidently the defenders have to respond to this motion which meant less keying on Colbourne. Colbourne demonstrated he is a wicked blocker.
This was a tough game to watch. Richardson made unusual drops, Calvillo was cold and, until the goal line stands I found myself frustrated and miserable. I believe this was the better offensive and defense lines the Als have faced all year. They gave Pierce the time to ramble. But they were beaten three times at the end by a super defensive effort. However, I enjoy this game much more when the Als have a comfortable lead.

I gagged on my cereal this morning when I read Herb's article when he wrote, "The Defense played terrific". Am I crazy, or did this defense give up 500+ yards?

I think the other teams in the CFL would be crazy to not run a screen pass against Montreal. Absoulutely disgusting. As a Defensive Linemen, that's one of the most important things to do, is be able to recognize a screen.

I disagree with Herb totally. Yes, they won the game for us, by stopping them 3 times at the goal line, but at the same time, they were offsides twice on the goal line. Those kind of penalties, can and should of been costly.

It was one of the most frustrating games to watch. I was going mad when Pierce completes every single pass he attempts. Then runs a screen play 5 times every drive, and they are all equally effective.

So, B.C stole a game at their place, Montreal stole one at our place. Montreal should of lost last night.

I hope this defensive scheme is adjusted, because that was just brutal.

Als defensive coordinator is no wiz... Als gave up a huge zone in the middle and the Lions came out in the second half and torched the Als zone defense for over a quarter. Luckily individuals made plays...

This game makes up for some of the ones they should have won.

Yeah, I agree with this, and I share Ryooon's frustration. Where was the learning curve? Pierce was throwing those stupid screens for 5 yards, then running for 5 yards all night long. I thought they'd adjust at halftime by using Hunt as a QB spy, but no, just the same old soft zone coverage that let the Lions march the ball downfield at will. I recognize that we had injuries in the secondary, but at some point, you've got to tighten up in coverage and start pressuring Pierce. It was pitch and catch for him out there, and while I take my hat off to the Lions' O-line and Pierce for dissecting our defense, we made it far too easy for them.

Our D-line is smart. I honestly can't believe that they are incapable of recognizing a screen. And they certainly have the speed to fly to the ball-carrier. I just don't think Burke is putting them in a position to succeed.

I can't help but think what might be if Stubbler is let go in Toronto....

I doubt they'll fire Stubler. More likely, Pinball will come back as head coach, Stubler will move back to D.C., and Reed will either become a position coach or be fired along with Buratto.

Here is my take on the game. I first thought I was watching a Grey Cup game. A.C. played just as he would in a big game. Every pass until the 4th quarter was overthrown. By the beginning of the 2nd quarter I thought he was so spooked he wasn’t even looking downfield. He actually did not complete one downfield pass until the 4th quarter. One of the most pitiful performances I have ever seen. I couldn’t believe Trestman actually let him start the second half.

The defence was another story. No pressure on the QB.
But the passing yards against us, the the yardage Pierce rang up running were part of the same thing. We do have 3 very undersized but very quick linebackers. They must have been taking 20 yard drops, at least. Pierce was throwing over the center between 15-20 yards all night, and he was still throwing under the linebackers. I don’t know if they were dropping back that far to help protect our DH’s, but teams will pass underneath all day with impunity if we keep it up.

By the way, bend but don’t break is bull. What it really means is we can’t cover tight enough to stop them, let’s hope the QB throws a bad pass.

Well the first 3 passes he threw were drops. That really messes with a QB. Calvillo had an average game but he managed a TD drive from behind that is something he almost never has managed...

Buono's team is in last place and played desperate football.

Als lost 3 gamnes where they played better then their opponents so this makes up for one of them.

Great team win...They can build on that.

Yes we have a lousy defensive coordinator...but it is what it is.

Overall as a FAN I can't be critical as overall the Als have played great football, especialy for a team that was supposed to finish last according to the experts. When I look at the standings they are tied for first in the league...

Love the heart and the smarts...

Congradts Als fans. Your defense rose to the occasion when they needed it. 5 Turnovers and a goal line stand. Yes BC got 500+ yards but your defense played tough when they needed it.