Lions add Stubler to coaching staff

Wow. I was a bit surprised when I saw this headline on the homepage. I didn't think we'd ever hear this guy's name again, which would've been a shame considering he was a pretty good defensive coordinator.

Apparently he'll be the D-Line coach... which kind of seems like an insult. He was the defensive coordinator for both the Lions and Argos, and he helped win Grey Cups for both. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like he could be of better use. :lol:

Actually, now that I think about it... I wonder why the Eskimos didn't give him a call. They kind of named Richie the DC a little too quickly. :lol:

Lions got a good one there for sure. It'll be interesting to see how he makes out in BC.

Maybe he's semi-retired and only wanted a job with less responsibility, without having to move from Washington state.

Great move by Wally. I wouldn't be surprised if Stubler is the DC in waiting and Benevides is on a very short leash.

My thoughts exactly, another great move by the best run CFL franchise this past decade.

I was thinking the same thing, sorta like what Edmonton did when it hired Strasser, and eventually gave the boot to Worman. Of course, we all saw how well that worked for Edmonton... Here's hoping Wally's learned from that. :lol:

Good news indeed. I just hope our line is able to do what he wants because if they don't do well, its not Stubler's fault!

You'd have to think so. . . seems to me Benavides' stock has dropped somewhat after he was considered for the HC post in Toronto a season ago.

And as for the poster wondering why the Eskimos' didn't call him, I'd suspect that that is because his defensive philosophy doesn't mesh with the head coach's philosophy there, and Richie Hall has a pretty darn good record as a defensive coordinator in his own right; something tells me that Hall and Stubler would have difficulty co-existing. Just a hunch, nothing more.

That was me. You could be right about that.

Very good to see Stubler land on his feet :thup: BUT didnt the Lion,s D line produce 2 allstar D.E,s the past two season,s? it will be interesting to see how good they are in 2010!

I'm glad to see Rich back in the league. That was an unfortunate situation he got put into in Toronto. That dumb Joseph trade was where it all started to unravel for him and the Argos. I think he has put it all behind him and will have fun coaching with the Lions. I do expect that his first trip back to Toronto with the Lions will make for some extra media coverage though. They will try and stir things up.

Hmm, as an Als fan, I might disagree with that! :smiley: :cowboy:

Put the AL’s in the west in this past decade (2000-2009) and we’ll talk. The AL’s are definitely a well ran franchise IMO the Leos are a bit better. They didn’t have the luxury of playing the Renegades/Bombers, Argonauts, and Ti-cats in playoffs. In the lions were in the East they probably could have made 8 Grey Cups over the past ten years.

Isn’t that about what the Als did?

No, they were only involved in 7. Huge difference!!!

not an als fan actually hate the als to be honest but i have to agree. the als are by far the class of the league. bc had a couple good years a few years back... back when bc was good, montreal was also so id give the nod there to the als since the als still are pretty dominating and the lions seem to be i dunno, losing all their talented players to the nfl every year? ya that works.

We can't control who the NFL takes and to say Montreal is "by far" the class is far off. Calgary has a great franchise and I wouldn't say there is a huge difference between the two. Plus Montreal isn't the best when it comes to certain late November games...

I was wondering when this old canard would rear its ugly head.

They didn't have the luxury of playing the Renegades/Bombers, Argonauts, and Ti-cats in playoffs.
Funny, neither did my Als. We've played the Argos a few times, and the one time we lost to them, they went on to win the Grey Cup. :roll:

For the rest, we’ve been playing crossover teams the past few years – B.C., Edmonton.

In the lions were in the East they probably could have made 8 Grey Cups over the past ten years.
Remind me again what the final score was in the 2009 East Division final between the Montreal Alouettes and the B.C. Lions? :lol:

als in the west would force them to play harder and maintain that high level of play! i think itd make them even stronger (scary thought)