Earlier this week we signed import Wr's Dereck Faulkner , Jason Jones , and Eric McCain..I wasnt able too find any film on Faulkner or Jones, However i found McCain's!! i must say, this young man is the real deal, standing 6'6'' 210 lbs he should be a match nightmare for any defensive back in the cfl..what surprised me the most , was when i was done viewing the highlight...I noticed a comment from McCain informing viewers that this was in fact a 4 game highlight..No more doubling Geroy!! Now defenses have too pick there poison..Hell of auh signing Wally!!! and they said you wern't doing your job :thup:

Go Lions!!!

Damn that's tall! Lets just hope he has the hands to match his height!

Yeah he should be a nice target for Buck!! he seem's pretty quick for someone his size.. an from what i seen, he catches the ball pretty fluid.. But you never know.. im looking forward too seeing him in camp!!

Go Lions!!