Lions add RB Bruce Anderson III, WR Alexander Hollins

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions have added a pair of Americans to the roster: Running back Bruce Anderson III and wide receiver Alexander Hollins.

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I guess you can't have too many recievers when you REALLY need offensive linemen. Can any of these guys block? Looks like a great pass attack in the making if Nathan Rouke learns to find his targets in less than two seconds.

At 6'0 and 170 lbs Alexander Hollins is a rail (Shaq Johnson is 6'0 and 15 lbs heavier by comparison). If you're interested here's his Relative Athletic Score (RAS) score:

Alexander Hollins RAS

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Maaax, I couldn't agree with you more! I have been saying, "How will any BC QB hit any of these hundreds of receivers while on their back?!?!!?"

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Luckily or maybe 'Frustratingly' it's an easy fix. A couple of big import linemen as bookends (just like the Bombers) and voila, decent protection. Why this quarterback killing line has been allowed to exist for so long is a mystery to me.