Lions add K/P Camacho, Menard-Briere to practice roster

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions have signed K/P Jimmy Camacho (A) and K/P Felix Menard-Briere (N) to the practice roster, the team announced on Monday.

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Wow, it's like open tryouts. Where's that guy who kicked for a million some years ago?

Once you kick for a million you're too expensive for the CFL. Besides, 'Camacho' is the greatest football name I've heard in a long time. It sounds like a cross between 'Camaro' and 'Macho'. Only 'Ben Dover' and 'Phil McCrakken' of the Darned Light Infantry League had better ones.

Calgary had a kid back in the mid 80s named Knox Culpepper. I remember him on Labor Day against the Esks, he wore 77. Lancaster was doing play-by-play and he says "Knox Culpepper, now that's a football name!" Turned out late in the game he blocked a punt that put the Stamps back in the game. Edmonton had dominated but the Stamps came back and got within 6 pts.

Darnell Clash is probably my fave CFL name all time. Sounds just like he played. For a couple of years he returned kicks for the Lions about as good as Gizmo.

Of course there's always Reggie Slack, Remember the Slack Attack.

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I take it that you do not remember boxer Hector "Macho" Camacho. Guy was a trash talker. And with a name like that, you would have thought the guy was like Michael Reilly but with gloves. People would even spend the big bucks on his ppv's hoping to see a brawl. Instead, they just saw him run in the ring for the full 12 rounds.