Lions add Claudell Louis, Trysten Dyce to coaching staff

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions announced two additions to the coaching staff on Wednesday: offensive assistant Trysten Dyce and defensive assistant Claudell Louis.

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Trysten Dyce?! are you kidding me? This is the Bobby Dyce's kid, he is just a kid, what are the LION's doing hiring him as a receiver coach, maybe he should get some coaching experience coaching kids first, I bet he has very limited coaching experience but now he is going to be coaching Pro Ball, what a joke!!! Can you say Nepotism!

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Hey the young guys gotta start somewhere right? As a assistant on offense he will probably helping all the guys on that side of the ball and learn the ropes per say.
The last young guy like that the Lions had left to take a HIGH SCHOOL job in the states.

You don't START coaching right at the Pro level, you need to pay your dues first. The Lion's are the laughing stock of the CFL, hiring a zero experience non CFL drafted kid only 2 years out from playing CIS to coach Professionals, what a joke.