Lions adapt new dress code for travel for away games

Well some of them have adapted a new code anyway . Okay well maybe just one of them then !

Happy Halloween in a creepy , spooky sort of way courtesy of Loucheiz Purifoy .
:jack_o_lantern: :clown_face: :eyes:

Courtesy of 3DN...

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Given the Lions win/loss record this year I'm totally ok with any quirks the Lions want to entertain. Bring it on! (of course doing it at the airport is more than a little weird, & possibly asking for trouble, airport security isn't known for their sense of humour).

That's the first thing I was thinking when I first saw this story . I was a little surprised that the team would allow this while boarding a flight at the airport.

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Probably didn't have time to send him home to change, I expect he surprised everybody here. :sweat_smile:

Either that or it was prearranged and cleared with the organization and airport security ahead of time . :rofl:

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rubber masks are not that hard to take on and off.