Lions acquire Fatty O'Neill

Wally Bozo adds to his fossil collection. BC will now have a pair of 37yr old dinosaurs starting this year.

Amazing that Shovelface was able to get a 5th round pick for this guy.

Why, why, why does a smart guy like yourself has to resort to stupid terms like that ???
Takes so much away from your stuff.

Just think of me as the CFL's version of Chris Berman - - minus the drinking problem and minus about 75lbs.

I think he looks more like Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty.

Ya ...kind of reminds me of your referring to Ned Flanders, Crapton, Decoy, Turd, Pippin, Dimwittie etc, etc...

Zing !

fixed that for ya' :wink:

Flanders is one of the all time classic CFL nicknames - - and so appropriate.

Higgins is his buddy. Slant is an Eskimo fan who appeared in our forum the day Ned was nuked by Mr. Burns.

I guess that makes Popp... "Smithers"

Huh? Who's the other?

And I agree with the others. The insults are weak. That schtick has past its "best before" date. :thdn: