Lions absent from NFL network broadcast

Has anyone else noticed that the lions are the only CFL team not to have a game on the NFL network this year? Whats up with that?

maybe because we the only team to have same name as NFL team??

It's the NFL! Do you really think they - Americans, pay enough attention to us to be able to make any sort of a distinction or know where any of us actually are? I agree with the last comment: 'Lions' is "same old, same old"; they'd rather feature teams with more fascinating names like Roughriders, Argonauts, Stampeders, or Bluebombers; it arouses curiosity. To tell you the truth, it's probably not a bad idea right now - given how unpredictable our team is. I'd rather our team be broadcast down south when we feel reasonably good about putting on a good show.

From what i understand, it's that the Lions didn't have any games scheduled for the time slots the NFL network wanted to air games. My opinion is that it doesn't matter what teams are shown. The main thing is that the CFL is getting some air time in the states. Let's hope the CFL gains some American fans.