Lions a real contender?

I realize that the team was a few steps behind the rest of the West last season, but when you look at what they've done (rebuild with huge additions) and what the rest of the West teams did (stand pat), how can you not call this team a threat?

Key Offensive Players:
QB - Casey Printers
R - Geroy Simon (has caught for 1000)
R - Paris Jackson (has caught for 1000)
R - Derick Armstrong (has caught for 1000)
R - Emmanuel Arceneaux (would have caught for 1000 in his rookie year if he didn't break his hand)
RB- Jamall Robertson (has run for 1000)
RB - Jamall Lee (can catch and run, best athlete in his draft year)

That offense is as good, if not better than anyone else in the league. Add to that the pickup of Keron Williams who will play on the line with Johnson, Hunt, Gibbs, S.Williams (possibly Foley if the Seahawks cut him) and the pickup of Davis Sanchez at corner. All that's needed is some linebackers which can be found in free agent camps... and this team could be scary. On top of that you have the additions of Moore, Stubler, and Miles to the coaching staff.

There are some holes to fill with tryouts, but the nucleus is really solid.

In an eight team league with a salary cap like the CFL, every team is theoretically a competitor before the season starts. BC could just as easily win the Grey Cup as finish last in the West. Hamilton went from 3-15 in 2008 to 9-9 this past year with the same management and coaching, and the right new personnel.

Anyone trumpeting that the Alouettes and Roughriders are locks to be in the Grey Cup, or that Winnipeg and Toronto are unlikely to win any games, is out to lunch. It could happen, but anyone who assumes it risks getting taken to the cleaners.

With that being said - BC looks stronger in some areas and weaker in others - just like every team.

I've been surprised at the number of players over 30 that the Lions have signed this off season. Usually they're dumping those guys, not signing them.

Yes they are a contender. In the CFL everyone is a contender, especially with "my favorite" the crossover.
Having said that I expect us to be more consistent and have a better overall season.

As previous posters have mentioned, in an 8 team league where only 2 teams don't make the playoffs, every team is a contender because any team can get hot at the end of the season and go on a Grey Cup run.

As for the BC Lions themselves, I agree with the original poster that the Lions look very potent on the offensive side of the ball. But they've been that way for some time, the real test for the Lions is if they can put together some semblance of a defense which has been their weakness for a few years.

All the teams look pretty decent and I wouldn't even count out Toronto like most are. They won't make the playoffs but I think they'll put up 4-6 wins anyways.

Everyone’s a contender, especially in the playoffs.Hamilton went into the playoffs red hot and still managed to lose, all it take’s is one lousy day to send even the best team’s like the Al’s packing.That being said, this season is due to be very exciting.Not sure I get the early half of the season schedule on Hamilton’s end at least, but maybe it’ll work out as perfect as it did last season.

I hate to buck the trend and disagree, Toronto isn't a contender this year, nor is Winterpeg.
If we do not make it to the West Final with how the offseason has gone, I feel it will be a disapointment.

The Leo's have gotten better on offense this year, assuming Casey doesn't revert back to his Hamilton days. Robertson is really negligible as they lost Mallett there, Armstrong is a big upgrade at receiver, big tall receiver for Printers. They may have gotten slightly weaker at O-line and on the Dline with the loss of Foley.

Everyone has giant question marks at this point, lot of teams lost a few stars and there will likely be one or two surprise players again this year on each team that step up and fill those holes.

winterpg? ha the snow has been gone for a month. they got more snow in quebec than we did this year here. geeesh...

ill go out on a limb and say bc sucks.. yeah. they do and are picking up washed up losers and has beens. wally is starting to lose it.

lol can I not call this team a threat? by critisizing Buono for exactly what you critisized other teams of doing, standing pat, on the offensive line...last year the lions had a very average year offensively speaking, and I would blame your O-line for that...the lions have all the right pieces in the backfield and out on the wings, but unless Printers gets some protection, and unless those holes are opened up for Robertson, your offence is going to rank in the middle again...and so far all Buono has done for you is stand pat on his offensive line...

...that being said, I expect the BC defense is going to be very strong again this year...

Personally I think Wally has done a great job year in and year out. Last year's team struggled early but played well down the stretch. I think the Lions have been contenders every year since the Braley owned the team.

oh for sure, maybe this year fred reid wont break the single game rushing record or somecrap against the lions.. the lions d sucked last year, the oline was a joke. wally hasnt really brought many guys in yet has he? still a couple months to go here b4 camp but umm id be sorta concerned if i was a lion fan. the oline looks like crap again, u lost the best qb u had in pierce (when he was healthy) mallett is gone, robertson is pushing 31 32 years old, jamal lee has done nothing to even be considered a good cfl running back, the only offensive threats u have right now imo are geroy simon (but see what happens last season when teams double team him) yeah nothing... u got paris jackson(good but had a bad year last year by all accounts) and u got arcenaux who was a rookie last year but looked good. the offense isnt looking that great and the d hasnt been improved at all, if anything the d has gotten worse cuz u got rid of glover who was a pretty solid db.

You recall that this team actually made the playoffs and won a game last year, right? I understand you're a Winnipeg fan, but on the general board try and show a little objectivity.

It's clear the Lions will be a force to be reckoned with in the West, with their offence looking downright scary despite losing Mallett, Lumballa and Grice-Mullen. The question is who can stop them? The Lions have also added veterans on the D-Line, LB and Secondary. Now with Casey at bat, the glory days are here again! :smiley:

Assuming Derrick Armstrong's problem knee holds up, it's a fairly formidible receiving corps with Geroy Simon, Paris Jackson inside and Armstrong and Arceneaux (who had a superb rookie campaign) outside.

Casey Printers seems meant to be a B.C. Lion and should pick up where he left off last year as a dangerous passing/running threat. I also like B.C.'s depth at the position with Jarious Jackson coming off the bench and being pushed by Travis Lulay.

Interesting to see the progress Jamall Lee can make after being a late cut by Carolina and not given much opportunity here once he signed, playing behind Martell Mallett. Robertson/Lee or ??? will have some big shoes to fill for the departed Mallett.

Where things get a little murky is on the O-line. Jason Jimenez (right tackle) had some philosophical differences with the coaching staff and was released. Left tackle Daren Heerspink will move over to his more natural right side, but that will leave the club auditioning candidates on the all-important left side. The unit needs to get a little meaner, as they were too soft last year and had trouble in short yardage situations.

That's rather polite of you. I'd say they had trouble on a good day!

BC's OL didn't impress me much at all last season.I thought they definitely had the talent to get the job done, it just looked like they'd rather lay back and work paycheck to paycheck.Hopefully Jiminez is inspired to play some good football again, Obie seem's to think he is and I don't think he's even really been wrong.

Wally always builds strong teams, so I wouldn't write off the Lions. Their O-line looks a bit suspect, though.