Lions a favorite over Als-Can Als Create an Upset?

There have been some excellent suggestions from several people about what Als might do to step up and win against a favoured team[Lions].The only way the Als can upset the Lions would be if the team could repeat the creativity and emotion that they displayed against the Lions two years ago in their final meeting of that season.At this time the Lions were also the favorites but the Als played with passion and unity and beat the Lions in the last play of the game.This game was very close but with about a minute left in the game the Als received the ball and were brilliant.Calvillo completed several passes wich brought the Als to the Lions 30 yard line.Then in the final second of the game Calvillo threw long and Stalla leaped up in the endzone and caught Calvillo's pass which gave the Als their victory.

Without doubt the Als are the underdog in this upcoming game.They trail the Lions in various offensive and defensive categories of play.But,with emotion , teamwork and passion the Als could step up and defeat the Lions just as they did in that outstanding game two seasons ago.The team has the ability and with desire, teamwork, unity and spirit the Als could elevate their coming Grey Cup game.Go Als go!. Underdogs can win!

I personally believe the Alouettes will win the Grey Cup this year.

If not, I say it will come down to the wire. It definately won't be like the season meetings. Since, they are a different team then that time, and also it's for the Grey Cup, and when giving their 100%, I think the Als are the only team who match the Lions talent wise.

I have to agree with you Ryooon. Als do match up well against the Lions talent wise. I think this game can go either way.

Like I said, let's hope both teams bring their "A" game and we'll see who the Grey Cup champs will be.

Funny how all the Als fans are calling Lions fans over confident trash talkers but what are you Als fans doing? the exact same thing, being overconfident. That's what fans do with their teams, have confidence in them.


The trashtalker is one person with multiple acounts

There seems to be a few more now. And they can't be bothered to come over here in their own forum , just over in the Lions section spewing a whole lot of rubbish that keeps getting deleted.

Is Liontamer ,jacktodd and Itoldyouso all the same person?

I am hoping Montreal pulls it off.
It will be a tough game for them though.

Grey cup games are often close. Montreal would have to discover how to beat BC while BC already knows how to beat Montreal. Whether Montreal improves enough is uncertain. Montreal was lucky in its previous win over BC in final minute. But now no home advantage and no BC in slump.

I am glads it is the Als. I want to see AC and DD loading and airing out the ball and bringing home a classic. I just think the Lions may be too good this year with big improvement on Defence (see all star team)

Montreal fans what about Dave Ritchie returning as coach. Old? yes but he has done an outstanding job rebuilding the BC D. If he was our D coach in 2004 we never would have lost to Toronto.

Well, technically, Montreal is the home team...

This GC will be great. The two (IMO) best QB's in the league leading the best two teams in the league. It is going to be a nail-biter.

True..but this may cause BC to become complacent. Montreal watches the season game films and knows they need to do something different. BC may feel confident with the same game plan they had during the two regular season games and have the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" kind of mindset. Remember back in 2000 when a 8-10 BC team beat a 12-6 Montreal team (Montreal won both regular season games between the 2 btw)? That's exactly what happened to Montreal.

Confidence helps to overcome adversity. Montreal (2006) is not BC (2000) because Montreal lacks upstoppable momentum. Weaker BC teams have beaten stronger Montreal teams before. Now a weaker Montreal faces a stronger BC. This BC (2006) reminds me of the previous Hamilton team to win a grey cup.

I just feel BC has things "in check"...they know they have one more game to win and they don't take anything lightly. All this speculation about BC becoming complacent is nonsense...they're not stupid. It should be a well played, hard fought battle. And the Lions know how to keep their focus...they've done it all year. I don't think anything's a "given", but I do think the Lion's know what they have to do to pull this off. I have faith.

BC will win this one...Unless Montreal sabotages the BC Lions team bus, I don't see the Als taking this one.

And exactly who are you refering to?

Who knows…

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